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The Call of the Sea

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Hands on Sailing Holidays for all abilities

‘Hands on’ sailing participation is at the core of all our sailing holidays. You become the crew of barques, brigs, schooners, historic sailing cargo ships, pilot cutters, luggers, sailing trawlers, privateers and fine rowing boats. You can come on your own and we train you from the moment you step aboard so no experience is needed.  Classic Sailing encourages all ages and abilities to sail with us and attract a healthy proportion of female customers across the fleet (see our women at sea photo gallery). .  We work with two tall ships designed for disabled crew too. Read More>>

"By Saturday it was hard to believe some of us had only met on Friday" Mark Coates.

Sailing holidays for Singles

The majority of Classic Sailing guests come on their own but return having made new friends.

Everyone is in the same boat and working as a team means you get to know new people in a friendly un-pressured way. It’s just a natural part of the voyage.

Destinations worth exploring ashore

If there is any pattern to our wide selection of sailing grounds – it is the destinations with the best unspoilt coastal scenery, wildlife opportunities and sailing winds. We are excited by mountain backdrops and natural anchorages, self-sufficient local communities, historic ports and remote islands rather than tourist hotspots. We aim to explore by wind power, so we have no set itinerary and even short voyages feel more like a shared expedition.

Our destinations pages are written from a sailor’s perspective.

RYA Sailing Courses on Boats with Bowsprits

Classic Sailing is a RYA Recognised Training Centre. We offer RYA sailing courses like Competent Crew, Day Skipper and Yachtmaster Prep, but what sets us aside from the competition is that we teach on beautiful classic boats with bowsprits and blocks and tackles...Bring your camera, and be prepared to learn both traditional seamanship and modern skills like electronic navigation, radar and how to cook on a boat like Rick Stein (well, almost). You can do distance learning theory courses with us too and save your precious vacations for sailing.

More on RYA courses>>

Learn while you sail – gain new skills on holiday

If you are looking for the perfect organisation to grow your sailing skills over a number of years then Classic Sailing offers far more than a conventional RYA sailing school. Our voyages are rich in learning opportunities like:- lugger racing skills; sail handling challenges where you don't use the engine, or photography, wildlife or painting voyages with experts. The beauty of ocean tall ship sailing is you have time to learn, whether it be square rig skills, oceanographic research or interesting lectures.

Other ways to learn, informal sailing courses for fun or a careers....Read more

Lonely Planet – Voted Classic Sailing one of the 10 Best Weekend Courses in the world in 2010

Who Comes? Individuals with Romantic Souls

Who comes on a Classic Sailing holiday? This is the question at the back of everyone's mind when they book a holiday or sailing course. Firstly the vast majority who book one of our sailing holidays come as individuals, and it is a great sociable holiday for solo travellers. We have always tried to encourage non sailors to try a floating holiday. If you love the sea and the great outdoors, enjoy activities where you can participate in the adventure fully with others and find pleasure in good food, scenery and conversation then look no further.

What our customers think of us.

Worldwide Ship Mates - Classic Sailing Facebook

Once hooked you may want to connect with a worldwide community of wooden boat lovers, tall ship enthusiasts, marine wildlife fans, career sailors, artists, photographers and swop stories about your voyages and favourite vessels. Classic Sailing Facebook is brilliant at keeping you in touch with new found sailing friends and our professional crews on board.

Classic Sailing holidays on tall Ships to Antarctica and the ArcticClassic Sailing holidays on tall Ships and wooden boats around the world.Classic Sailing holidays on tall Ships and wooden boats for beginners and experienced sailors.Classic Sailing holidays on tall Ships and wooden boats for winter sunshine sailing.

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