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Sailing a Tall Ship in Australia

Tenacious has an exciting range of voyages in Australia.

Based mostly in Melbourne but also sailing to Sydney, Adealide and Tasmania for an International Sea Festival.

Day Sails

There are one day voyages in Melbourne, Sydney and Tasmania.  Australian Tall Ship Day Sails

Short Breaks and Taster Voyages

Short three day voyages in Australia from Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney and Hobart in Tasmania. Short Breaks

Australian Adventure Voygaes

Longer Adventure voyages between Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, across the Bass Straights to Tasmania and back. Australian Adventures


Traveling to Australia from the UK

To make it accessible for British based voyage crew to join Tenacious down-under, Etihad Airways has offered to provide discounted airfares between the UK and Australia. Voted the World’s Leading Airline for seven consecutive years at the World Travel Awards, Etihad fly three times daily from London Heathrow, twice daily from Manchester with five flights a week from Edinburgh to Abu Dhabi with fast connections through to Australia.

Typical return flight costs by Etihad from the UK to Australia are about £800 at the moment (07-06-16). So there should be a good saving on this, but please remember flight costs change fairly quickly.

You can access this exclusive deal upon confirmation of your voyage booking.


If you are planning to travel to the far side of the world see our destination page on New Zealand and Tasmania too.

Full list of voyages available can be found here. 


The bustling port of Melbourne sits at the top of Port Phillip Bay, a large almost totally enclosed sailing area some 70 miles north of the entrance to the Tasman Sea. It’s almost as wide as it is tall forming a playground from which to admire the spectacular city skyline of Melbourne and to marvel at the huge variety of wildlife thriving in these sparkling waters.

The large navigation structures in Port Phillip Bay have been adopted as resting places by large numbers of Australian fur seals, there is also a permanent population of inquisitive bottle nosed dolphins whose presence make this unique inlet an unforgettable experience to explore.There are up to eighty species of seabirds including fairy penguins that nest between boulders in the north of the bay at St Kilda. Port Phillip Bay is unusual in that it supports such a rich and diverse habitat and therefore is home to an enormous array of animals and plants.

Melbourne has a great maritime history; it is one of the ports that square riggers called at to pick up grain during the Grain Races.  Now it is a bustling commercial city with all the vibrancy and services to be expected of the second most populated city in Australia.The idea of the voyage is to explore Port Phillip Bay which has the diversity of Melbourne, the industry of Geelong and chic cultural seaside resorts, like Sorrento.If there is time and the weather is suitable it may be possible to leave Port Phillip Bay though the narrow entrance channel beside Lonsdale Lighthouse, subject to permission or the use of a local pilot due to the strong tides in the entrance.


Exploring the surrounding waters of Adelaide lies Kangaroo Island, an international tourism spot providing a haven for New Zealand fur seals, Australian sea lions and little penguins all which breed and live  there. The island itself has several nature reserves and approximately one third of it is part of a national park and is protected. Adelaide itself is cultured, neat and sophisticated. There is a solid art and music scene which is ever growing and the city's festival calendar ensure there is something to do each weekend. There are plenty of church spires and cultural spots to explore amidst the many pubs and alternative bars tucked away. 


Hobart is the state capital and most populous city of the Australian Island state of Tasmania. Founded in 1804, Hobart is Australia's second oldest capital city after Sydney. The city is located in on the estuary of the Derwent River. The skyline is dominated by Mount Wellington at 1,271 metres high. The city is the financial and administrative heart of Tasmania, also serving as the home port for both Australian and French Antarctic operations.

The waters surrounding Tasmania are recognised as one of the most biologically diverse in the world. 90% of Tasmania’s marine life is found nowhere else on earth. The many kelp forests, seagrass beds and sponge beds are home to various communities of fish, sea dragons and fairy penguins to migrating whales, dolphins and sharks. On land expect to find the infamous Tasmanian devil, ancient plant species, tallest flowering trees and a high proportion of endemic species. 

Bruny Island is home to the beautiful South Bruny National Park and provides the ultimate Tasmanian wilderness experience. The coastline is stunning, it is home to fur seals, fairy penguins and you will be able to spot many interesting birds. White sands, rainforests, open pastures and a famous Cape Bruny Lighthouse make this deceptively large island a really interesting place to spend a couple of days sailing around. Bruny Island sits to the South West of Storm Bay, across which lie the great cliffs and rock platforms of Cape Raoul and Nubeena White Beach, to name just a couple.


Sailing from Sydney: the possibilities are endless; Bondi Beach is one of Australia’s most famous beaches in Sydney and well known worldwide. The one kilometre long city beach expanse is home to a host of events year round from art shows to surfing marathons. You could explore the coastline of Bondi Beach, or out past Manly and Freshwater towards the white sands of Whale Beach.

The marine life out in the Pacific Ocean from Sydney are rich with life, expect to encounter dolphins, whales among other common and rare sea birds. You will learn to sail this magnificent tall ship and be the centre of attention as you sail past envious onlookers. Climbing the rigging, learning the ropes and spotting wildlife are just some of the many activities that will keep you occupied on this voyage. 

Visa Requirement

For all international arrivals in Australia it is required to arrange a visa before travelling to be able to enter this beautiful country.
The Australian government has a website to guide you through the world of Australian visa:
For many nationalities, including USA, Canada and EU nationals you will be able to apply online for your visa here. That is, if a short stay visit for your holiday on board Tenacious is your only reason for travelling to Australia :-)


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