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Photo: Unspoilt Tasmania

Australia - Destination Down Under

In 2013 we have three vessels sailing in Australian waters on their way to and to participate in the Australian and New Zealand Tall Ships Races.

See our Desticolour brochure on Austrailia and New Zealandnation Brochure for Australia and New Zealand

If you are planning to travel to the far side of the world see our destination page on New Zealand too.

Lord Nelson, Oosterschelde and Europa all start get to Freemantle the port of Perth in Western Australia towards the end of July 2013.

Only Oosterschelde and Europa have voyages available from Freemantle with a local voyage northwards to the site of the wreck of the Batavia. The Batavia was a famous Dutch ship that was exploring Australia before it had been colonised. Australia could very easily have become a Dutch colony which would have left them speaking double Dutch upside down.

There are voyages from Freemantle to Melbourne along the South Coast of Australia, a wild and largely uninhabited coast line. Melbourne is  a city determined to becoming a major sporting centre of Australia and the Southern Hemisphere it has some huge high tech sporting complexes.


Sail from Melbourne to Hobart in Tasmania for the start of the Australian Tall Ships Race. Take advantage of being on this wildly beautiful island with a dark past. See our travel suggestions on how and where to explore its unique character, flora and fauna.

Tasmania and Tall Ships - Ultimate Sea and Land Adventure in September 2013

Tall Ships Races 2013 –Australia Leg 1

Hobart to Sydney Tall Ships Race

What a fantastic way to get to Sydney, you can expect an amazing celebration as you enter Sydney Harbour.

Sydney to Auckland Tall Ships Race

Two major cities both with awesome bridges you can bungee jump off. A great voyage with the opportunity to explore both countries.

Visa Requirement

For all international arrivals in Australia it is required to arrange a visa before travelling to Australia to be able to enter this beautiful country.
The Australian government has a website to guide you through the world of Australian visa:
For many nationalities, including USA, Canada and EU nationals you will be able to apply online for your visa here. That is if a short stay visit for your holiday on board EUROPA is your only reason for travelling to Australia :-)

Here are some links on this website to get you started when you will be arranging you application:


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