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Back into sailing

Time to go sailing again

It may have been some time since you last sailed and you are wondering how you would get on.

Fine, you will do fine, it’s easier than getting back on a bicycle.

There is no harm in saying “I’m a bit rusty on this.” We are there to help and you will soon re-discover your skills and forget you’d forgotten.


The same

The tide still comes in twice a day and spring tides follow neaps in keeping with the phases of the moon. (OK some places have funny tides but that’s how you will remember the double top in the Solent or a once a day tide on a Pacific Island.)

The sea is probably cleaner of oil pollution than it has been for a long time. We defiantly do not put any rubbish in it and that is a big change for the better.

The wind and weather are still there to be watched, acted upon and made use of to the best of our abilities.

Port and starboard haven’t changed and all the old nautical expressions are still around and if you heave and haul with a heart all will be like Fiddlers Green.


The improvements

New kit; you can stay drier and warmer with better quality breathable sailing gear. Most of our vessels provide it for you so there is no need to dig around in the attic for some old clobber nor do you need to buy new kit. The kit list for each vessel will tell you what is provided and what you need to bring.

Cooking has improved greatly and on all our voyages we know you need good food to make your sailing holiday really enjoyable.

Comfort is now to a high level and hammocks are an occasional sunny deck option.

Weather Forecasts

It is now possible to get reliable forecasts for up to 5 days ahead and access to weather information is so much easier and quicker.

Safety Equipment

The standard of life jackets, life rafts and electronic navigation aids all make sailing so much safer than it has ever been before.


The new bonuses.

Today your choice of sailing vessel has widened beyond belief. You can sail from a day to three months on tall ships, pilot cutters, ketches and historic trawlers.

Where you can sail is no longer limited to your local waters, you can cross the English Channel or you can cross the Oceans. You can sail to remote islands and hidden fjords all over the world.

On your own is no longer a problem, most people join the voyage on their own but leave with a whole heap of new friends.

Rekindle your sailing skills – book now – sail soon

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