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Blue Clipper

Blue Clipper - Three Masted Schooner

Blue Clipper is a 144ft three masted schooner. She has recently made the transition from private superyacht to an ocean going sail training vessel with an exciting programme. Blue Clipper's previous owners were Hennessey Cognac Company – she has elegance and luxury accommodation that harks back to a bye-gone era, Blue Clipper was built in 1991 in Sweden to demanding modern standards. Now run by the experienced sail training charity that operate gaff ketch ‘Maybe,’ the bigger schooner Blue Clipper will be aimed at anyone - young or older - looking for a hands on sailing adventure with a touch of luxury.

Blue Clipper Sailing Schedule - Voyage descriptions, dates and prices

What Blue Clipper Does Best

Blue Clipper is commercially coded for worldwide operations so she take full advantage of her ocean credentials to focus on big expedition type voyage programmes each year.

Tall Ship Blue Clipper is spacious and luxuriously furnished gaff rigged schooner. In the construction of the hull modern elements are mixed with traditional elements, such as a clipper bow, an elegant yacht stern and a long ballast keel. The teak deck gives an opulent feel to the ship but with the security of a tough steel deck underneath.  The masts extend with lofty topmasts and all three masts are gaff rigged, so there is plenty for crews to work on with blocks and tackles.

She has the potential to be a fast ship in the International Tall Ships Races and is an ideal size for crossing oceans. In 1992 she sailed half the way around the world from France to Shanghai, recreating the first cargo voyage to deliver cognac to China. Her new skipper Chris Rose has taken part in many tall ships races so he will understand the competition and the tactics too.

Check out some photos in her gallery here  Blue Clipper Photo Gallery

Climbing the Rig on Blue Clipper

Trans Atlantic Tall Ships Race 2017 

Blue Clipper is one of the few tall ships taking part in the whole Trans Atlantic Race Circuit. The choice of voyage legs is amazing and open to both youth and adult voyage crew.  Below decks is not your average sail training ship accommodation.  There are 6 cabins with twin berths and en suite facilities, if you are under 25 years of age you have a slightly discounted rate available. If you really want to have some privacy as a couple there is a stateroom you can book at at higher premium, but this is still a 'hands on' sailing adventure where everyone helps sail the ship and stand watches.

There are blue water ocean legs racing an international fleet of about 40 tall ships, a chance to see the America's Cup in Bermuda, the razza-matazz of a Tall Ships Festival in Boston, East Coast Tall Ships Race and cruise in company legs exploring Canadian waters from Nova Scotia to New Brunswick. Blue Clipper then sails up the mighty St Lawrence River with the rest of the fleet of schooners, barques, brigs and smaller vessels to Quebec where Canada is celebrating 150 years Anniversary of the Canadian Confederation (Very Big Party!).  The excitement does not stop there because Blue Clipper and the fleet sail on to Halifax in Nova Scotia for an epic Maritime Festival. The anticipation mounts now as ships, including Blue Clipper, prepare to race accross the North Atlantic to France with the Westerlies to speed them on their way.

Blue Clipper Tall Ships Race Programme - voyage descriptions, dates and prices

Trans Atlantic Tall Ships Race

European Legs

Once Blue Clipper has sailed back across the pond to La Harve after the Tall Ships Race 2017, she is offering voyages along the French coast as she makes her way back to her base in Portugal. From there you can join her for some meditteranean sailing along the Spanish and Portugese coastline before she journeys north to begin her Arctic Adventure. 

View the European Legs Schedule

Blue Clipper

Blue Clipper in the Arctic

Arctic Circle, Greenland, Iceland, Lofoten Islands and Svalbard 2018 and 2019

In 2018 and 2019 Tall Ship Blue Clipper will make the Arctic her exploration ground.  Here she will spend 5 months exploring this amazing area.  We have planned a number of 3 week voyages, giving the opportunity to exlore Iceland, Greenland, The Jan Mayen Islands, Svalbard and The Lofoten Islands.   During a 3 week Arctic expedition on board TS Blue Clipper you will find untouched arctic wilderness and unique wildlife in a setting that is both rugged and fragile at the same time.

Blue Clipper's new skipper Chris Rose, has considerable Arctic sailing experience and wants to take Blue Clipper to some of the most amazing wild places in the Northern Hemisphere. He sailed his previous expedition yacht 'Prolific' sailed from Norway to Iceland via Shetland and the Faeroes, then to Jan Mayen Island and a circumnavigation of Spitzbergen (reaching Latitude 82 degrees North) before returning to Stavanger in Norway via Bear Island and the Lofoten Islands. This round trip of 8000 miles, mainly in Arctic waters, involved scientific whale research, expedition mountaineering on the Svalbard glaciers and historical research into the work of 19th century survey pioneers.

Blue Clipper in the Artic, Iceland and Norway Link to Voyages


Sailing South until the Butter Melts

After a stint in the North, Polar Bear spotting and Arctic sailing, Blue Clipper makes her way south. From Norway to the Caribbean calling in at Portugal, the Canaries, Cape Verde and then over to the Carribbean Isles for a change of temperature. Sailing into the Southern Caribbean she will visit secluded Islands laden with colourful cultures. Exotic landscapes brimming with natural, unspoiled beauty with unique plant and animal species native to the region. If crystal clear waters and fine sailing appeal then you won't be disapointed when joining the ship of Blue Clipper. 

Blue Clipper Discussions  

Sailing Style on Blue Clipper

Step on board TS Blue Clipper for active sailing with an edge of luxury. Classic Sailing only work with dynamic sailing ships that offer 'hands on sailing.' It is part of our ethos and Blue Clipper's that everyone on board helps sail the ship. You really don't need any sailing experience as the professional crew will go through everything from safety drills to how to pull ropes efficiently, find the right halliard or steer the 144ft schooner. You don't have to be super strong.

Climbing the mast is not compulsory but its a great buzz. You can take the helm on a proper ships wheel. As an ocean sailing ship there will be a sextant on board. On ocean voyages the Captain will have an Ocean Yachtmaster or equivalent, so learning to navigate using only a sextant, the sun and the stars is well as all the modern gizmos! 

Accomodation on Blue Clipper

Tall Ship Blue Clipper has extensive accommodation below deck. TS Blue Clipper can accommodate up to 14 guest trainees on board, with 6 twin en-suite cabins and a luxury double cabin, large saloon areas which are beautifully decorated and maintained, a well-equipped galley and plenty of places to sit and relax on deck, she is a very comfortable ship to sail on board.

As this was once a superyacht for wealthy owners there is also a double bed stateroom for couples who want a bit more privacy, but this is at a premium rate.

Now Blue Clipper is an adventure charter vessel, everyone is part of the guest crew regardless of which cabins you are in. When Blue Clipper is on passage there will be a watch system so everyone can take turns at sailing the ship or relaxing and sleeping. You don't have to be super strong, or have any sailing experience - just a sense of adventure and a reasonable level of health for offshore sailing.

If you are not sure what accommodation options are available for you or want a quote for the stateroom, please ring us on 0044 (0)1872 580022.

For more interior photos and deck shots see our detailed page on Below Decks and Accommodation

History of the Ship

Tall Ship Blue Clipper was built in 1991 at Feab Marstrandsverken in Sweden. She was owned by the famous brandy company Hennessy.

Hennessy Company directors had a dream to recreate the first cargo of Cognac carried by sailing ship from France to Shanghai in China, back in 1872. Gaff rigged schooner Blue Clipper repeated this historic voyage in 1992.

Old Blue Clipper photo


  • Length Overall: 44m
  • Length on deck: 32m
  • Draught: 4m
  • Beam: 7.41m
  • Sail Area: 6997m’
  • Permanent Crew 5
  • Voyage Crew 20


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