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Brest and Douarnenez Festivals

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Brest Festival of the Sea & Temps Fete sur Douarnenez!

Brest  International Maritime Festival is a huge gathering of traditional craft from coracles and fishing vessels from Africa to towering windjammers. Eagerly awaited every four years, and followed by the more intimate Douarnenez Festival of the Sea further down the Brittany coast – the event is a mecca for music lovers, photographers and adventure sailors. Few festivals can match the spectacle of over 2000 sailing ships out on the water, and being out there with them is the best way to experience this sailors event.

When is the Next Brest Festival of the Sea ?

The mighty Brest Festival is held every 4 years so the next one is in 2016 and 2020.

Dates in 2016 are 13th to 19th July.

When is the next Douarnenez Wooden Boat Festival ?

The more intimate Temps Fete sur Douarnenez runs every two years and the next one is in 2016.

Dates in 2016 are 19th to 24th July.

Which Classic Sailing Vessels are Heading for France ?

Brest, followed by Douarnenez in 2016 is the next one up and we already have a few vessels interested in going like Eve of St Mawes, Agnes, Grayhound, Oosterschelde, Europa and Bessie Ellen. If you would like to book a whole vessel during this time you need to plan it at least 12 months before, so ring us.  In 2012 the organisers of Brest had to limit boat numbers so again if you want to charter a whole boat or tall ship for 2016 it is never too early to speak to us.

Classic Sailing Office, Cornwall. 0044 (0) 1872 580022

Brest Festival has always proved popular with our Classic Sailing adventure sailing customers, so we usually have a large number of vessels heading for the Rade de Brest. Typically there are 6-7 day voyages out to Brest Festival, exploring on the way. A crew change in France and a voyage back via Douarnenez Festival.  The beauty of French festivals is that also encourage all the boats to go out sailing in the morning – so the Classic Sailing Fleet can sail in company and go out into the Rade de Brest amongst the colourful fleet of sailing ships.

Brittany Sailing Schedules

Brest 08Why is Brest so Good ?

The best thing about Brest is the port is huge and the adjacent inland sea is deep enough for all vessels to sail in and out of harbour and go for a spirited romp in flat seas each day. There are no lock gates to get through and some ships sail right off the dock without engines.

Many themed parades of sail like the ‘parade of the dandies’ where around 40 old sailing ships that used to fish from around the world will sail through the harbour, or the parade of Classic Yachts.

Night time fireworks, light shows and illuminated night parades of sail and  Bastille Day celebrations.

There are boats from many countries. In 2012 there was an Asian theme with  a Vietnam flotilla and Junk rigs,  special features on craft from Croatia, Gallicia and Norway.

Rarely seen in Europe tall ships like Cesne Branco from Brazil (sister ship to tea clipper inspired Stad Amsterdam) may turn up, and sometimes the event is used as a media platform to luanch a new ship or start a yacht race.

Sheer variety of vessels includes over 560 gaff and lug rigged boats, 117 ketches and schooners, 56 old coasting vessels from 25- 50m, at least 25 three masted tall ships and over 900 small craft under 8m.

As crew sailing any of our vessels you may have a chance to take an active part in a dynamic demonstrations of international maritime history out on the water. It is not compulsory but daily the organisers encourage boats to sail in an out the harbour entrances, and go for a blast in the adjacent inland sea of Rade de Brest.

Ashore are events for crews, bands, craft demonstrations , street theatre, a Rio style carnival parade, ariel human displays hanging off Penfold Bridge in the Naval Dockyard.

Brrest 2008Grand Regatta from Brest to Douarnenez

For those joining in Brest for the voyage back home, enjoy the atmosphere of the festival at Brest for the last 2 days and the Grande Finale Fireworks. Then take part in one of the largest flotilla of tall ships, small traditional craft and classic yachts in the world. The organisers are calling it a race, but it is a race like no other. The fleet leaves Brest to sail out the famous narrow approaches with crowds on either side, then heads south down the stunning limestone coastline with the brave option of sailing between the Tais de Pois rock pinnacles.

Temps Fete sur Douarnenez
Douarnenez itself has two ports: The old fishing port, on one side of the town and the river basin, Port de Rhu, with its wooden wharves and waterside bars on the other. The town is medieval in origin and has fascinating architecture and narrow streets. This year the Guests of Honour will be from the basque Country but Cousins on Cornish Boats are always welcome. There will be a lot of boats and ships coming from Brest so the sailing adventure will continue.

Returning to Cornwall via the Chanel du Four and calling in at a french Port on the way, maybe Camaret Sur Mer or L'Aberach both with excellent restaurants and full of the charm and character Brittany is famous for.



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