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Vessel Brochures 


Agnes - Vessel Brochure

Tall Ship Antigua sails in Spitsbergen- SvalbadAntigua Tall Ship

Tall Ship Antigua in Spitsbergen Part 1

Tall Ship Antigua in Spitsbergen Part 2


Bessie Ellen sails in the Canary Islands, Cornwall, Brittany, Denmark and ScotlandTAll Ship Bessie Ellen

Bessie Ellen Tall Ship Vessel Brochure

Bessie Ellen in the Canary Islands 2015 - 2016


 Eda Frandsen

Eda Frandsen Ship Details




Europa sail around the world and in Antarctica Tall Ship Europa

Bark Europa Tall Ship - Vessel Brochure

Bark Europa - 24 Day Expedition brochure - Punta Arenas to Antarctica

Bark Europa -22 Day Expedition Brochure - Antarctic Peninsula from Ushuaia

Bark Europa - 52 Day Cape to Cape Brochure - Antarctica and South Georgia

Europa Tall Ships Race General Info

Europa Tall Ship Antarctica Kit List

Europa Antarctica Flight Information

Tall Ship Europa Antarctica General Brochure

Europa Tall Ship GEO Antarctica Article

Tall Ship Europa Atlantic South to North

Europa Tall Ship General



Eve of St Mawes sails in Cornwall, Isles of Scilly, Brittany and does RYA Competent Crew and Day Skipper Practical CoursesEve of St Mawes

Eve of St Mawes - Vessel Brochure

Eve Joining instructions for St Mawes

Eve of St Mawes -joining instructions for Falmouth

RYA Courses with Classic Sailing Brochure

Eve RYA Competent Crew

Eve RYA Day Skipper Practical

Pilot Cutter Review 2013

Learning the Ropes - Arcticle by Cornwall Today

Eve for Sale 2016


Golden Vanity

Golden Vanity

RYA Courses with Classic Sailing Brochure



Grayhound Vessel Brochure

Grayhound and Destinations

Destination Brochure - Privateer in the Caribbean

Destination brochure - Grayhound in the Canaries

Destination Brochure - Cape Verde Archipela

The Proving of Grayhound Across the Atlantic in Full 5.1 MB

The Proving of Grayhound Across the Atlantic PART 1 

The Proving of Grayhound Across the Atlantic PART 2



Arctic Greenland Expeditions - Brochure & Travel Blog

Hildur Vessel Brochure



   Irene Vessel Brochure


Brixham Sailing Trawler yacht Leader sails in Scotland, Cornwall, Devon, Channel Islands and BrittanyLeader

Leader Vessel Brochure



Maybe Brochure

Maybe Voyages


Lord Nelson sails around the World in from 2012 to 2014Tall Ship Lord Nelson

Lord Nelson Tall Ship - Vessel Brochure

Tall Ship Lord Nelson Crew Handbook


Tall Ship Oosterschelde

Tall Ship Oosterschelde Vessel Brochure

Tall Ship Oosterschelde in Norway

Oosterschelde Tall Ship Cape Verde 2014-2015

Cape Verde Photo Diary


Provident sails in Devon, Cornwall, Brottany, Channel Islands and ScotlandProvident

Provident Joining in Brixham




Tall Ship Tecla

Tecla Tall Ship Brochure including Kit List



Tall Ship Tenacious sail in the UK, Europe and the MediterraneanTall ShipTenacious

Tall Ship Tenacious - Vessel Brochure

Tall Ship Tenacious Crew Handbook

Tenacious World Voyage - Caribbean - Pacific - Australia


RYA Competent Crew - RYA Day Skipper Practical - RYA Yachtmaster Preperation on Eve of St MawesRYA Courses

RYA Competent Crew

RYA Day Skipper

Learning the Ropes - Arcticle by Cornwall Today


Brochures on Destinations


Sail in Antarctica on Tall Ship EuropaAntarctica

Europa, Punta Arenas to Antarctica

Europa to Antarctica start and end in Ushuaia

Europa Cape to Cape via Antarctica, South Georgia & Tristan da Cunah

Europa Antarctica Kit List

Europa Antarctica Flight Information

Europa Antarctica General Brochure

Europa GEO Antarctica Article

Australia & South Pacific

Tenacious - Caribbean, Panama, South Pacific to Australia 2015-16


Sailing in the Azores with Classic SailingAzores

 The Azores on Bessie Ellen


Sailing in Cornwall, Isles of Scilly and the Channel IslandsBritain


 Isles of Scilly

The Channel Islands





Brest and DZ


Canary islands

Sailing in the Canaries on Grayhound

Sailing in the Canary Islands on Bessie Ellen

Kanarischen Inseln Klassisches Segeln


Cape Verde

Cape Verde - Oosterschelde Photo Diar

Cape Verde itinerary on Oosterschelde

Grayhound in the Cape Verde


Sailing holidays on a tall ship in the CaribbeanCaribbean

Caribbean on a Tall Ship

Grayhound in the Caribbean






Winter Sun Destinations

Winter Sun Destinations - Madeira, Canaries, Mediterranean, Cape Verde & Caribbean



Other Documents

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Terms and Conditions

Facebook Giveaway Terms and Conditions

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Insurance Documents

Insurance Key Facts

Insurance Table of Benefits

Prices of Insurance

Policy Wording of Insurance

Terms of Insurance

Youth Sponsorship Aprill 11

Tenacious and Lord Nelson Funding Application Form

Job Description Eve Skipper 2015


Top Ten Tips for your First Sailing Holiday

How to choose a good skipper

End of Voyage Survery

Beaufort Wind Scale

Gift Voucher Buyer Advice

Gift Voucher Recipient Advice

Paper Boat Kit PartsTemplates

Paper Boat Assembly Instructions

Working Sail by Luke Powell

Additional Medical Form

Eve for Sale Brochure

Market Your Own Boat Tips



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