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Cape Horn and The Falklands

Bound for Cape Horn and the Falklands

A true ‘bucket list’ goal for sailors is to sail around Cape Horn. If your ambition is to do it old style on a square rigger, then to have fun we recommend you get on the Southern Ocean 'roller-coaster' and sail downwind with the Westerlies from West to East.

Classic Sailing have several ships that have taken charter crews around Cape Horn. Lord Nelson, Oosterschelde, Europa and Tecla have all sailed around the Horn before and some charter guests have done it totally under sail from 50 degrees South in The Pacific to 50 degress South in the Atlantic. This means they were able to join the prestigious Cape Horn Club and become part of a very rare breed of adventurer.

We also have ships like Bark Europa that run voyages to the Chilean fjords and Antarctica. They sail in the rough waters around Cape Horn every year, and ocasionally manage to land crews on this infamous island.

Vessels bound for Cape Horn in 2018

In 2018 British Barque Tenacious is heading home from New Zealand to the UK via a series of epic ocean legs that take her crews half way around the world. The first leg crosses the vast Pacific Ocean at the bottom of the world, and tackles that infamous gap between Cape Horn and Antarctica, but you are going with the prevailling weather systems so hang on tight and find out what square riggers were built for. Tenacious will be hoping to round the Horn without resorting to engines from 50 degrees south in Pacific to 50 degrees South in the Atlantic so she will initially sail past the Falklands, so all the crew on board can claim to be proper Cape Horners.  There should be a chance to explore the Falklands before the end of your epic voyage.

Tenacious will no be stopping to land on Cape Horn. If you are interested in doing this then ring Classic Sailing for advice on which next voyage offers this possibility on 0044 (0)1872 580022

Tenacious Ocean Voyage details - Auckland - Chatham Island - South Pacific - Cape Horn - Falklands

Tenacious Ocean Voyage - Falklands - South Georgia - Tristan da Cuhna - Cape Town

The Falklands - Wildlife Oasis and Wrecks

West and East Falklands are divided by a deep sound that is large enough for a square rigger to sail through. Debbie from Classic Sailing office did this on Bark Europa a few years ago and the 70 miles took most the day....and gave quite a few sheep a fright.  San Carlos Water is off this Sound which many will remember from the TV news reels of the Falklands War - The first war to be on British TV with live reporting almost every night in the 1980's.

The Falklands is windy but stunning in the sunshine with white sandy beaches, dunes with unexploded bombs, penguins, seals, and albatrosses. Apart from the vast sheep estates, there are tiny offshore islands you can book to stay on, and villages like Goose Green to drive to in a hire jeep.

Around Stanley there are interesting historic ship wrecks in the Sound, and penguin colonies nearby.

If you want an affordable alternative to Antarctic expeditions then Bark Europa has a 15 day voyage from Montevideo to the Falklands. As you plunge SSE towards the Roaring Forties the winds increase, the seas can be epic and albatrosses and petrels circle the ship.  Once in the Falklands the cool seas are home to penguins.

Voyages in the Falklands - Voyage descriptions, dates and prices

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