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Cornwall Short Breaks and 3 day voyages

Eve of St Mawes and St Anthony Lighthouse by Derek Holman

Short breaks and 3 day tasters - a relaxed way to learn to sail

Beginners & experienced Sailors are welcome on all our 3 day voyage and weekend breaks. Enjoy a perfect short break in fantastic sailing grounds on a stunning traditional boat. We believe Cornwall has some of the finest sailing in the country and how better to explore the finest of the coastline than by sailing. Step ashore to explore the coves, small villages and picturesque coastal fishing communities. Experience the feeling of getting away from it all in secluded  peaceful anchorages, watching the sun set while enjoying a glass of wine and the good company of your fellow crew.

The beauty of our short breaks is that we provide a mini adventure in an unusual environment with so many experiences thrown in that they always feel like you have been away for more than a few days. We provide accomodation on board, waterproofs if you need them, 3 freshly cooked meals (special diets catered for), full instruction and a sailors view of our local coastline, wildlife and maritime history. You provide the human power and teamwork to sail our inspiring vessels to the next destination under sail. 

We have a few fantastic vessels offering short breaks in Cornwall, where you will find warm waters and higher than average temperatures in the Spring and Autumn, why not take a few days to experience the finest of Cornish life!

Cornwall Activity Holiday - 3 Days Aboard Eve of St Mawes

We paint our pilot cutter Eve of St Mawes dazzling blue to match the Cornish seascape. Artists have been drawn to the sea, rugged coastline and the famous light quality in the far west for centuries. Eve's turquoise blue decks and hull seems to help get everybody in the holiday mood too. On the edge of the Atlantic Ocean we have our share of wild grey days, but they just seem to make the achingly beautiful blue sky / deep blue sea days extra special.

Founders of Classic Sailing Adam and Debbie based the company in St Mawes because we felt Cornwall and the Scillies was the best cruising ground in the world. We now promote sailing holidays in many far flung destinations but a flat water blast along the South Cornwall coast in a crystal clear north westerly takes some beating. Over the last 12 years, on Eve alone we have introduced at least two thousand newcomers to sailing.

Eve makes a great boat to start sailing on. She has wide decks with plenty of room. She is a fine sea boat with a well proven safety record and kept to the highest standards. With blocks and tackles you can see what you are doing and the team work makes for a great sailing holiday.

We are also a recognised RYA Training Establishment so if you want to do a 6 day beginners course then look at our RYA Competent Crew Course on Eve of St Mawes for a more intensive and structured introduction to practical seamanship.

Set Sail on stunning gaff cutter Eda Frandsen

Join Eda on a short break or weekend voyages from Falmouth in the Spring and Autumn for some fantastic sailing and relaxed atmosphere onboard. With a large sail area and a striking appearance, Eda receives admiring glances everywhere she goes. Local owner James' knows these waters well, and enjoys sharing secluded locations and areas of interest away from the crowds. He is experienced with working with those new to sailing, as well as more experienced salty seadogs, so why not come along and see what its all about! Enjoy the best of Cornish food and drink, perhaps enjoy fresh crab direct from Eda's creels if we are lucky! 

Eda's Short Breaks in Cornwall

Local Pilot Cutter Agnes

New to Classic Sailing in 2013, builder of these beautiful vessels Luke Powell and his wife will be sailing their own Agnes from Falmouth. EnjoyGourmet breaks or join Luke and hear all about his new book on life in Wooden Boats, a great insight into the boat you sail on. Beautifully crafted, you will experience great hands on sailing and local knowledge of the Cornish Coastline and its ports.Luke and Jo often include a foray over to France within their season, as well as many Cornish voyages including the Isles of Scilly.

Agnes Short Breaks in Cornwall

Grayhound - 3 day voyage

Grayhound has fully embraced Cargo Carrying, and it would seem that this is where her future lies for the foresable future. However, Marcus and Freya both love entertaining families on board, as does their young son, Malachi (aged 4 2015). So, they will take a break from Cargo carrying in the summer and are offering a few voyages locally in Cornwall, to the Isles of Scilly, and one 3 night voyage from Penzance.

Healthy Exercise & Environmentally Friendly

Traditional Sailing boats lare powered by the wind, but to harness it requires quite a bit of satisfying physical effort and teamwork. There are no winches on board except the antique brass handled windlass, so you soon get to know your fellow guests as you haul on blocks and tackles. After tacking half a dozen times directly into the wind heading for harbour you understand why team building is an important part of sailing on Eve of St Mawes. Its unlikely you’ll go home thinner (e.g. creme brulee, clotted cream, Lamb with Camembert, rosemary, flageolet bean and red wine) but we can guarantee you will leave looking a lot healthier and either sun tanned, or windswept and interesting. There is plenty of conversation, but you can always find a corner for quiet contemplation. For some strange reason, everyone seems to sleep very well on board cocooned safely between the timbers.

Unspoilt Sailing Ground

From St Mawes or Falmouth we can explore Falmouth Bay, one of the largest natural harbours in the world. Much of the Coastline is designated an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, AONB, and there is no better way of appreciating than from the deck of beautiful sailing boat.

How far we go and where does depend on the wind direction but for more details our our favourite haunts:

3 day sailing breaks Schedule

SAIL-WALK-ROW Cornish Activity Breaks on Eve Schedule

Some of our 3 day voyages have specific themes like Women go Wild, Boys Act like a Pirate, Mates Training, Beach clean up & Conservation Voyages, Pendennis Cup - Classic Yacht Photographers Special.

Wildlife at Sea & Ashore

The remoteness of the Cornish coast this far west bring their own special reward to those who travel with us: Starry nights with no street lights; ocean sunsets, isolated lighthouses and tiny fishing harbours; cliffs sculptured by pounding winter gales; almost tropical white sands with sparkling mica sticking to your toes; woodlands stunted by the wind but with trees adorned with lichen (a sure sign of unpolluted air) and lush ferns and springs along the many coastal footpaths.

The Gulf Stream provides unexpected sightings of turtles, sunfish and more regular visits by dolphins (common, bottlenose and risso’s dolphin), porpoises, whales and giant basking sharks. Gales often bring in wheeling gannets, tiny storm petrels, guillemots, razorbills and even puffins.

The Fal and Helford Estuaries are designated as Special Areas of Marine Interest. Breeding seals hide in sea caves and deep zawns. The drowned river valleys (called rias) have dense oak woodlands with branches sweeping down to deep green waters. At low tide the mudflats are home to egrets, curlews, oystercatchers and leggy herons—all the birds that go screech. At night you hear owls hooting in the moonlight, and a few guests have seen elusive otters in the early morning mists.


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