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Explore Norway on a Tall Ship

The Fjords of Western Norway

The fjords of Western Norway have been rated by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site and by National Geographic as one of the World's Greatest Destinations.

Tall Ships Fleet - Sail in Company

Tall ships from as far afield as Brazil and Australia headed to Norway in summer 2015 for the International Tall Ships Race. Between the race legs and fleet gatherings at Aalesund and Kristiansand is a very different sort of voyage where each ship is free to choose their own route down this breath-taking coast. Explore hundreds of miles of Norwegian sea cliffs and sail fjords deep into mountain wilderness on a traditional vessel or tall ship of your choice.

Oosterschelde - Three masted topsail schooner

Europa - three masted barque

Leader - historic 1892 Brixham Sailing Trawler - two masts

Lord Nelson - three masted barque

Tecla - Historic gaff ketch - two masts

Maybe - gaff ketch - two masts

There are no current voyages heading to Norway, we will update this page once we hear of any changes. 

Mini Norway Super Fjord Brochure pdf


Norway is Expensive – Yes and No

Yes it is expensive on land.

Not by ship

It’s not expensive when you eat, sleep and travel on-board with plenty of opportunity to explore ashore. Many of our tall ships have bars on board at normal European prices, so you can save your celebrating until you come back on board from a trip ashore.


Despite being carved from very ancient rocks the fjords themselves are very young; created by massive glaciers during a succession of forty ice ages over the last 2.5 million years. Seals and porpoises swim the fjords, while eagles soar through the skies above. Fish abound in the clear water.

The fjords are famous also for their lush flora and fascinating cultural landscapes. The land along the fjords has been farmed for almost 3000 years and the sheltered fjords have also stimulated transportation by boat.


Thanks to the warming Gulf Stream, the Norwegian fjords enjoy a mild climate and remain virtually ice-free.

Apples and apricots are grown at the latitude of Alaska. Summer travellers can see snow-capped mountains and glaciers from the fjords.

Virtually tide free, the fjords and islands offer unparalleled sailing opportunities and Oosterschelde will be able to take you to breathtakingly beautiful locations.


Mountains and Super Seven Fjords Exploration

This is a unique chance to sail a tall ship like Oosterschelde along one of the most spectacular coastlines in the world. Likely to be oversubscribed, this  voyage start in Esbjerg Denmark and crosses to the South Coast of Norway  and finish in Bergen after exploring the Super Seven Fjords.


The sailing will be a mix of exciting Katabatic winds blasting down from the mountains, fjord passages, open sea sailing and fascinating pilotage in and out the thousands of offshore islands that guard the entrances to the fjords.

Follow the sheltered fjords as they carve their way deep into the mountains; the sight of the sun rising behind an impossibly steep wooded cliff, going aloft or out on the bowsprit to watch the reflection of hills in the water, waterfalls cascading down sheer rock dissolving into the black depths without ripple, this is a  photographers dream. Villages with wooden wharfs, fisherman's houses on stilts, local farms perched precariously on the few bits of flat land, all illustrate why the only way to travel through Norway is by boat!


Please note it is not possible to define an exact schedule to the Oosterschelde being a sailing ship and subject to wind and tide. The Captain will make every effort to visit as many Fjords as possible but no guarantee can be given to the seeing all the fjords.


Sognefjord is regarded as the jewel in the crown of Norwegian Fjords when it comes to scale, nothing surpasses it. Imagine being in fjord where the sheer cliffs on either side of you rise over 1000meters, that’s over 3,000 feet in old money, straight up. It’s the largest fjord in Norway and is over 200km long and goes down to a depth of 1300 meters in places, so don’t drop your camera overboard looking up at the cliffs!


This is a branch of the Sognefjord and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is renowned for its unparalleled natural beauty.


This is fjord that runs inland from Bergen and is over 179km long and is one of the most populated of the fjords with many little towns and hamlets along its shore line. A very different character to the other fjords you may visit. But still with some amazing rock formations as you can see!


The Lysefjord

 Not big in length or depth but probably the world’s most popular fjord because it is so dramatic and a real adrenalin rush to explore.

Two famous scary viewpoints are the Pulpit Rock and the Kjeragbolten and standing here and looking at the view will put you in awe of nature and just how small we humans are.


 eirangerfjord is the waterfall fjord and again everything is on dramatic and deep both up and down.  The two main waterfalls are The bridal Veil and the Seven Sisters.

It is a World Heritage Site listed with UNESCO.


History and geography are at the forefront of Nordfjord a sub part of Geirangerfjord. It is possible to visit the Briksdalsbreen Glacier and on the human side the Selje Monastery.


Trondheimsfjord is about the furthest north our ships will go for a Norwegian Fjord Adventure and this fjord is famous for over 90 species of fish and accompanying bird life. There are quiet side fjords and busy sections where the fjord becomes the main thoroughfare of the region.

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