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Spitsbergen (Svalbard)- Arctic Sailing

Spitsbergen Arctic Summer Voyages

Dutch owned tall ship 'Antigua' is our Svalbard specialist, sailing to this high arctic archipelago each summer. The whole archipelago was Wildlife guides will be on hand so that you get the most from your voyage, and there is also a 'Photography special' departure, making use of the natural light in September. 

Sail the High Latitudes on a Square Rigger 

Antigua is a barquetine meaning she has three masts and square sails on the foremast. She is licensed for worldwide charter and can take 32 guest crew. You are encouraged to join the watches and take part in sailing.

Spitsbergen Sailing Expeditions - voyage dates and prices

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Voyage Journal and Photos Part 1 

Voyage Journal and Photos Part 2

Spitsbergen / Svalbard

In 1596 Willem Barentsz discovered snow covered mountains 600 miles further north than Norway and called it Spitsbergen. The archipelago is now called Svalbard. Once the haunt of whalers it draws wilderness lovers to its immense glaciers and intrepid sailors to its long fjords once the coastline is free of ice.

Northern Lights & Walks Ashore with Guides

Only 1000km from the North Pole, this raw, beautiful archipelago is enclosed in pack ice for most the year. In the Arctic summer the ice retreats and it teems with wildlife and flowers, the sun shines for 24hours. By September you may see Northern Lights. Enjoy remote anchorages, walks ashore with experienced wildlife guides and sailing amongst different types of ice depending on the voyage dates.

Polar Bears & Walrus

Sixty percent of the land is glaciated but clinging to seacliffs are enormous breeding colonies of seabirds. On land arctic foxes, reindeer and polar bears roam (guides carry rifles as a precaution). At sea many types of whales, walrus and seals can be sighted. Antigua has a library and regular lectures are held in the lounge to learn more.

There are over 1000 polar bear on the island of Spitsbergen alone. Rare wildlife sightings from Antigua include a white humpback whale, belugas, orca.

Antigua the Vessel

Antigua has been exploring Svalbard for nearly a decade. Learn more about this three masted barquentine.

Vessel Pages - Tall Ship 'Antigua'


Photo by Achin Koch

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