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Ecology Policy

Eco PolicyTo encourage a greater environmental awareness in all we do

Classic Sailing operates the following policies;


Promote environmental awareness and sound practice in our employees, skippers, suppliers and customers. Reduce the environmental harm of our activities by using less energy and reducing air, land and sea pollution where ever possible. Encourage understanding and respect for local populations, customs, cultures, wildlife and marine ecology.


1 To sail as much as possible therefore reducing energy consumption, we currently average 78% sailing as opposed to motoring, in accordance with safe working practices.

2 To use recycled paper as far as possible.

3 To strictly enforce no waste being thrown overboard.

4 To leave any beach or shore line we visit cleaner than when we arrived.

5 To encourage guests to join by public transport or to arrange shared transport where ever possible.

6 To educate sailing guests on the ecology of the sea and shore.

7 To encourage all staff, skippers and shareholders to a greater environmental understanding and to help them develop ecological practices.

8 To encourage a greater environmental awareness in all we do.


1. Sailing is a very environmentally friendly form of transport as it harnesses the wind and sea without detriment to either. Eve is a wooden boat made from renewable resources and her impact on the environment is considered enhancing due to her beauty. We only operate an engine when wind power is contrary to pre-planned destinations.

2. The paper we use is either recycled or manufactured from sustainably managed forests.

3. At sea and on the water we adhere to the code of practice that forbids throwing anything overboard and take all our waste to specifically provided facilities for yachts. Separating our waste when appropriate. We monitor our waste ashore and afloat.

4. When ashore visiting natural sites we ask guests to collect any litter they can comfortably handle and ensure that we leave the site cleaner than when we arrived.

5. We intend to offer financial incentives to guests arriving by public transport, other than planes or helicopters. This takes the form of a discount from the voyage fee, however we do ask that they donate half their discount to an environmental charity of their choice. If they donate half their discount Classic Sailing will donate a similar sum to Seaquest the maritime conservation project of Devon and Cornwall Wildlife Trust.

6. On board we keep a small library of books that can help guests understand the natural environment around them, the skippers though not formally qualified have a growing knowledge of this and enjoy passing it on to those onboard. Much of the pleasure of our voyages is derived from highlighting the points of interest and seasonal events that take place. We report all sightings of interesting marine life to Seaquest the maritime conservation project of Devon and Cornwall Wildlife Trust.

8. To provide opportunities for all those who work or support us to partake of environmental education and to provide development time for new ecological practices etc.
Sailing is reliant on understanding the environment and helping guests relate to the elements is a natural part of our holiday experience.

9 If you come to St Mawes by bicycle we have a secure inside store for your bike whilst you are sailing.

10. Eco Travel advice Click Here >>

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