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Who Comes Sailing

"What a grand way to spend a Monday morning" 007 Pierce Brosnan, secret Eve day sailor

Solo Travellers who enjoy company

SailingMost of our sailors come as individuals and we welcome couples and groups of friends too. Some are used to solo travelling, while others are taking the plunge for the first time. Sailing is not for everyone and we often have ‘half a couple’, whilst the other half does their own thing. What most would-be sailors have in common is that they are sociable and happy to meet new people.


"By Saturday it was hard to believe some of us had only met on Friday" Mark Cotes.

Escapists and Explorers

We choose sailing locations more for their wildlife, natural scenery and idyllic anchorages, than facilities ashore. Our skippers will awake the natural explorer in you. Be the first to row ashore and make footprints in the sand, sail silently under towering Norwegian cliffs, or enjoy crossing the last unspoilt wilderness – the open sea. We are not complete purists though. We do find the pub eventually !

Romantic Souls

Sailing2All walks of life make up our motley crews; Craftsmen who love wooden boats, Patrick O’Brien readers escaping their armchair, musicians and artists looking for inspiration, climbers that feel at home on the top gallant yard, those of us forced to work indoors with restless souls that respond to the ‘gulls cry’…


The whole experience was absolutely magical" Simon Hooper.

New Challenges & Sea Changes

A Classic Sailing gift voucher can nudge a friend back into sailing after years ashore or help celebrate a major event. Learning to sail could be a new year’s resolution. A surprising number of people run away to sea to re-appraise their lives ( it worked for us ! ). Others have become friends and ‘recharge their batteries’ with us several times a year.


after supper chat on poop deck

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"It exceeded expectations in every way. The aspects I enjoyed most was the relaxed approach of James and Becky and gr...

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