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Why Sailing is Good for You

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Run away to sea - Why sailing is good for you



“Taking a decision to stretch myself outside my comfort zone has taken me by surprise. How glad I am that I took the risk.” Tracey

Back to Fundamentals

Sailing brings you back to fundamentals. Spending time on a boat seems to bring out the best in human nature. Living and working together we talk a lot, laugh a lot, put the world to rights and learn more than we expect.

Humility & Wonder

Nature is more powerful than us. We harness its forces to our best ability and it can be a wild exhilarating ride. Then there are quiet moments that etch themselves into our memory, where seas and skies provide moments of pure beauty.

Relax & Recharge

Want rosy glowing skin? No more pale faces after a day on deck steering, setting the sails and keeping a look out. Need to stimulate your immune system? Dive off the boat in a Scillies anchorage where the water looks (and feels) like a chilled gin and tonic. Not into ‘detox’ ? Then drag yourself aloft on a tall ship and shout “top of the world.”

Mid life crisis - career breaks & GAP years

Time and time again we have seen the benefits of running away to sea. It’s a brilliant chance to gain a different perspective on our hectic lives ashore. Stepping away from the land is like stepping away from the world you know. See yourself in a new light and expand your horizons, who knows where your inspiration at sea will lead you?

“I have always been enthralled by stories by Arthur Ransome and Patrick O’Brien—yet until last year I had never sailed. Aboard I saw so much that I have read about: The phosphorescence, dolphins squeaking in the dark, the wealth of bird life… I loved the night sailing and sound of the water tucked up in my bunk, relaxing to the roll—fantastic.”
Sally Ann E.

Changing Lives

The feedback we ask for after every voyage has always been deeply satisfying because it has helped us realise just how beneficial our voyages are.

“By Friday it was hard to believe some of us had only met last Saturday!” Mark C.

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"I have very fond memories of my first, but certainly not my last sailing trip. Your postcard is on my wall next to my skiing posters." Sue, Newbury.

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