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An Introduction to Tall Ships

How to Identify Tall Ship Types and much more

Over 40 pages

First Voyage Top Tips

1 Page

How to Climb Tall Ship Masts

2 Pages

Top Ten Tips for your First Sailing Holiday - Click to Print

How to Climb the Rigging - Click to Print


How to 'Hove to' a Tall Ship

2 Pages


Choosing a Good Skipper

1 Page


Wind Speed Guide 

2 Pages

How ro 'Hove to' a tall Ship - Click to Print

How to Choose a Good Skipper - Click to Print

Wind Speed Guide and Conversion from Beaufort Scale to Knots, mph and kph - Click to Print


Understand Speed, Time & Distance

2 Pages


Write a Pilotage Plan

4 Pages


Implement a Pilotage Plan

4 Pages

How to Understand Speed - Time - Distance - Click to Print

How to write a Pilotage Plan - Click to Print

How to Implement your Pilotage Plan - Click to Print

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