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Frozen Planet from Classic Sailing

Walrus in the Artic as seen from tall ship Antigua

Walrus in the Arctic and

Penguins in Antarctica

You’re closer to nature on a tall ship

If you love the BBC Frozen Planet you'll love to see the real places on a Tall Ship voyage. No sailing experience  required.

Europa explores Antarctica where hump back whales, penguins, leopard seal and albatross abound.


The BBC programme includes scenes from Spitsbergen, also known as Svalbard and our tall ship Antigua is an annual visitor to these amazing Artic Islands. Going ashore is quite complex due to the likely hood of polar bears and special precautions are always taken.  Highly experienced guides tell you all about forthcoming trips ashore. Guide you when ashore and point out all the interesting features. It’s like having a young Richard Attenborough onboard.




In Antarctica we have tall ship Barque Europa on her tenth season visiting this unspoilt wilderness. Traveling into the icy waters on a tall ship puts you right there. Unlike a cruise ship you live and breathe nature. The air is normally about 1°C, not that cold seeing we had minus 24° in the UK last winter. It’s not so much the temperature but the wind speed that is the cooling factor. As most people know the Southern Atlantic is famous for the Roaring Forties but you pass quickly through this region into the stiller airs of the Deep South; so though you will need to wear good warm clothing it is not as cold as many people expect. However even here the wind can pick up and there are always sensible precautions taken when you go ashore. There is an abundance of wildlife and keeping watch at sea you will see many albatross, hopefully humpback whales and a large variety of seals and penguins.

Antarctic penguins with Debbie Purser

Europa Antarctica Guides

The Antarctica Guides are highly professional with talks and slide shows given before trips ashore. This means you can get the most out of your trips ashore where again the guides will be on hand to show you all the fascinating details and explain what it going on with the wildlife.

South Georgia 

Europa spends about a week exploring the fjords and shores of these historic islands and visiting colonies of Macaroni and King Penguins. She always receives a warm welcome from the South Georgia Authorites.



Classic Sailing Adventure Sailing

Our mission is take you safely by sail to some of the remotest places on earth, our carbon footprint is the least of any ship in these waters. We really respect the awesome wonders of these unspoilt wildernesses.


Sailing Experience Not Required

Our tall ships delight in helping you understand how the sails work and you do form an active part of the crew helping the ship reach these amazing places. Most people travel on their own and we can cater for special dietary requirement.


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