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Caribbean Voyages

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Tall Ship Sailing In the Caribbean.

Caribbean adventures on Lord Nelson tall shipBritish Barque Lord Nelson is no stranger to the Caribbean, having sailed up the entire chain on her Round the World Voyage last year.  Her sister ship Tenacious has run winter seasons from islands like Antigua and Guadaloupe, exploring from the Grenadines in the South to the Turks and Caicos and Bahamas in the north.

The Spanish Main on Lord Nelson - 11-28 day Caribbean Sailing Expeditions

In winter 2014-15 Tall Ship Lord Nelson is sailing accross the Atlantic to the Caribbean. After an 11 day  Christmas voyage from Antigua exploring the Windy Indies, Lord Nelson will set off to roam 'The Spanish Main' and boldly go where no British tall ship has been seen for several hundred years. Sign on as ships crew on this three masted suare rigger for a one of her month long Caribbean sailing expeditions: These include a passage through the Panama Canal to explore the Pacific side of Costa Rica, with island hopping in the Dutch Antillies, Aruba, Bonaire, or Curacao, or Trinidad en route.  You can also join her in Costa Rica, explore Pacific coast towards the Panama Canal Transit, then an 'ocean' Passage accross a remote part of the Caribbean towards Jamaica and Cuba.  Lord Nelson also has voyages from Cuba to Antigua exploring the Bahamas, Turks and Caicos then awesome sailing in the NE trade winds down the Caribeean island chain to Antigua. She finishes with a month long adventure holiday in more familiar territory with destinations ranging from the Grenadines to Martinique, Dominica and Leeward Isles. All these voyages are open to able bodied and disabled crew.

Lord Nelson won Best Sail Training Ship Award in 2014 from Sail Training International Awards - read more about the ship

Lord Nelson Caribbean Schedule - description, dates and prices


Lugger Grayhound offers voyages in the Caribbean

A Privateer in the Caribbean.

1776 Privateer replica Grayhound Has just returned from a winter exploring the Caribbean with Charter Guests.. This striking three masted lugger turned heads racing in the boisterous seas of the Antigua Classics Regatta and came away with three prizes including most photogenic boat. In 2013-14 she offered voyages in an exploration style - around the Atlantic, including a Christmas Trans Atlantic Crossing from Cape Verde to Barbados in December 2013. She then sailed through the Caribbean with 7-14 day voyages from Grenada, St Lucia, Martinique, and Antigua in winter 2014.The crew are owners Marcus and Freya with their son Malachi who is now aged 3 (1914) and has grown up on the boat. Classic Sailing will know shortly when Grayhound will next be in the Caribbean.

Classic Sailing Director Adam Purser chose Grayhound's Trans Atlantic Voyage to the Caribbean for a holiday in 2014. You can chat to him on 0044 (0)1872 580022.  Solo travellers or groups welcome. The ship has two cabins taking 4-5 guests with a WC near each cabin and can be adapted for families, couples with double berths. The ship has solar powered fans for her air vents and big hatches and portholes to open.

Grayhound Sailing Lugger - Vessel Brochure

If there are no Caribbean voyages in the schedule below, please riing us for more information on 01872 580022

Grayhound lugger crew in the CaribbeanTrade Winds & Tropical Sun

The Caribbean West Indies is perhaps the most perfect sailing ground in the world in terms of wind, sunshine and variety of places to visit. The Caribbean sits squarely in the North East trade wind belt and this time of year is peak season and well outside the hurricane season. Ships like Tenacious revell in strong winds and boisterous turquoise seas and the white square sails look magnificent against the deep blue skies.  There is few things to beat a tropical sunset below the yard arm at anchor away from the tourist hustle and bustle ashore, or landing on a remote beach anchorage under a forest covered volcanic peak. The ship engineer's deck barbeque and punch are legendary too.

Lush rainforests, mountains and waterfalls

If you have been dazzled by the natural scenery in the 'Pirates of the Caribbean' movies then both Guadaloupe and Dominica are much closer to that lush volcanic island paradise than more well known Caribbean tourism locations.  The second movie 'Dead Mans Chest' and 3rd Capt Jack Sparrow adventure At 'World's End' were filmed in the rainforests of Dominica, close to Guadaloupe.

Coral Reefs & Marine Wildlife

Some of the best dive sites in the world are in the Caribbean, but you don't have to be a diver to enjoy them. In Scotts Bay, Dominica you can swim off the beach with a snorkel and face mask and swim from shallow coral and 12ft of water to a sheer underwater wall of coral and cliff - descending 4000ft. Alive with fish and coral and upwelling plankton, this sunken volcanic crater is also deep enough for Sperm Whales to swim close inshore. Further North the Bahamas Banks contain approximately 5 percent of the worlds coral reefs and the crystal clear visibility over white sand bottom means you may see sharks, dolphins and turtles from the ships deck without getting wet.

Caribbean Island Life

The cliche is that the Caribbean is very laid back.  The relality is that every island community and culture is different. Compare the French sophistication and fashion concious young people of Guadaloupe and Martinique, where people watching is an art form, to the Caribs of Dominica pushing their solid dugout canoes out into the ocean with hand woven fish traps.


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Classic Sailing holidays - a passion for wooden boats and tall ships.

Photo Description Departs Disembarks
Lord Nelson - LN856 - 32 days Details
NEW WORLD ADVENTURES 2014-15 on Lord Nelson - Trans Atlantic Crossing to Caribbean in warm trade winds via Cape Verde
Per Person | GBP £ 2,495.00 Available
Mon, 17/11/2014 (Time TBA)
Gran Canaria, Canaries
Thu, 18/12/2014 (Time TBA)
Falmouth Harbour, Antigua
Lord Nelson - LN857 - 11 days Details
NEW WORLD ADVENTURES 2014-15 on Lord Nelson - Caribbean Island Hopping for Christmas in the Leeward Isles
Per Person | GBP £ 1,095.00 Available
Fri, 19/12/2014 (Time TBA)
Falmouth Harbour, Antigua
Mon, 29/12/2014 (Time TBA)
Falmouth Harbour, Antigua
Lord Nelson - LN858 - 14 days Details
Antigua and the Caribbean Islands
Per Person | GBP £ 1,495.00 Available
Tue, 30/12/2014 (Time TBA)
Falmouth Harbour, Antigua
Mon, 12/01/2015 (Time TBA)
Falmouth Harbour, Antigua
Lord Nelson - LN859 - 14 days Details
Antigua and the Caribbean Islands
Per Person | GBP £ 1,495.00 Available
Tue, 13/01/2015 (Time TBA)
Falmouth Harbour, Antigua
Mon, 26/01/2015 (Time TBA)
Falmouth Harbour, Antigua
Lord Nelson - LN860 - 14 days Details
Antigua and Many Caribbean Islands to the Bahamas
Per Person | GBP £ 1,495.00 Available
Tue, 27/01/2015 (Time TBA)
English Harbour, Antigua
Mon, 09/02/2015 (Time TBA)
Lord Nelson - LN861 - 11 days Details
Bahamas - Paradise Island - Green Turtle Cay - A Real Adventure
Per Person | GBP £ 1,095.00 Available
Tue, 10/02/2015 (Time TBA)
Fri, 20/02/2015 (Time TBA)
Lord Nelson - LN862 - 14 days Details
Bahamas to Bermuda an Island and Ocean Adventure
Per Person | GBP £ 1,495.00 Available
Sat, 21/02/2015 (Time TBA)
Fri, 06/03/2015 (Time TBA)


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