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Group & Families on Grayhound


Private Groups  - Book the Whole Boat

If yo can find 9 adult friends to sail together than we will offer the whole boat for the price of 8 so one person goes free.  If you can't get a group that big then read on, as we have discounts than even a parent and one child can take advantage of.

A Family Run Boat for Families

Grayhound's owners Marcus and Freya have their own family on board with young Malachi. If you add to the mix - the ships crew and guest crew of all ages it creates a small community on the ocean. 

They are completely used to children under five at sea or teenagers steering the ship as ably as any adult.  It is not the place for precocious youth. There are both safety rules and daring activities. Everybody washes up, helps row the boats ashore, or sweats on a rope to hoist a sail to the best of their abilities.  Meals are all around a big table or on deck in the sun. We think it brings out the best in young people and adults. Sailing ships are busy places. Boredom is rarely an option.

Child Discounts in 2015 - Save £391 per child

Freya and Marcus want to do everything they can to help families come on their sailing adventures.  They are offering a substantial discount for the first TWO CHILD PLACES (aged 5 to 15) booked on each voyage this summer (excluding day sails). An adult price for 7 days is £990 but two children per voyage can enjoy a price of £599, saving £391 on the full price.

It is first come - first serve, and you don't have to book both places. For example a single parent travelling with a son or daughter can take advantage of a child discount for one of the berths, and still leave another discounted place for another family.

"Once they are gone, they gone" as we say in Cornwall, and you might have to pay full price for your family.

Under 5 Years Can Sail for FREE

If a parent is prepared to share their bunk space (we have two berths large enough to share) with an under five, then Grayhound owners won't charge for that young child.

Accommodation with families in mind

The beauty of Grayhound's two big cabins is that they can each accommodate a family or group of 4-5 people. Equally the ship can be crewed by 8 adults or a mix of individuals and couples or father and son, grandmother and grand daughter pairs.

The Interior of Grayhound has featured in Coast Magazine and the seat covers are sponsored by Quba Clothing Company and made out of re-cycled sails.

Read more about the Accommodation

Well Tested for Adventure

Grayhound has had some great families really getting into the swing of exploring under sail, in the West Country and further afield in the Caribbean.

Activities in the Scillies included - collecting clams on the tidal flats off St Martins and cooking them on an open fire, Exploring Pipers Hole Cave on Tresco, a three family group with Grayhound and Eve, including crew swaps and firing cannon in a privateer chase. Two wooden boats rafting up for Candlelit Sunday Roast around the big oak table below with the roof off and the stars overhead.

Family Friendly Crew

Marcus and Freya have their own child aboard, and do not employ relief profesional crew, so you will always be sailing with a family orientated skipper and cook/ mate. They do have a full time deckhand and well vetted trainees who have their own seperate accommodation.

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