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Grayhound Lugger - Full Ship Specification

Sailing Lugger Grayhound - Ship Specification

Three masted lug rig sailing vessel
length on deck  63’6”
length overall 108 ‘
Beam 19’5”
Draught 10’9”
56 tonnes
SQ feet canvas 3500
Crew 5

Guest crew 9 (more for day sails)

Engine Beta 90 HP

Commercial Charter Safety Coding

Grayhound has an ocean going stability rating, and whilst she is on ocean passages and extended trips she carries equipment and is coded for worldwide charter. In Europe coastal and offshore waters she is safety coded and equipped to Cat 2 operating area (60 miles from a safe haven), which is the same as the majority of our British Fleet.

Below Decks Equipment

Grayhound has solar powered deck ventilation, a freezer, watermaker and massive cooker and modern navigation equipment.  There is a generator, but it is only used when needed and the anchor windlass is manual.

Read more about the Below Decks Accommodation

Why Sail a Lugger ?

As a sailing rig it is beautiful, efficient, fast, simple and it works.  It was the choice rig of both the revenue and smuggling vessels of the 18th Century. Yachtsman Pete Goss proved a 37ft lugger could still hold its head high in the modern sailing world by sailing 'Spirit of Mystery' from Newlyn to Australia in 2008. The shipwright for 'Spirit of Mystery' was Chris Rees and he was also the chief shipwright for the much larger lugger 'Grayhound.'

The lugsail is an evolved version of the classical square sail. As you can see in the photo opposite of the French Lugger, the sails have a tiered appearance, a stunning spectacle in any port. In both rigs, the upper side of the sail is attached to a spar, the yard .The great advantage of the Lug rig is that when the sails are up there are no spars at deck level, just sail cloth. The lugsail was the earliest of the fore and aft rigs. There are different types of Lug Rig. The Grayhound will use the standing lug, in which the yard remains on one side of the mast and the tack is set close to the mast. On long tacks we will use the dipping lug on the fore mast.

What is Grayhound like to Sail ?

Grayhound has a huge bowsprit and outrigger so her total sparred length is 108ft. 3500 square foot of sail can drive her fast hull at speeds over 14 knots. The main and foremast carry large lug sails and above topsails and t’gallants can be hoisted. Unlike a square rigger this lugger is no slouch to windward. She is a thrill to race and has stole the show at festivals from Looe to Antigua, but the beauty of this lug rig is its versatility. There are no booms at deck level. Her lug sails can be reefed. Her sail balance allows her to sail without a jib on the bowsprit. Her topmasts can be brought down for ocean crossings.

The deck has room for two ships boats and still loads of space to stride about or tuck into a sheltered spot. There is a spacious ’doghouse’ with big windows so you can dip out of the rough weather or tropical sun and not miss the scenery. The sails are no heavier to hoist than our other gaffers but hoisting the topsail and t’gallant yards requires well co-ordinated teamwork.

The has a big tiller but small block and tackles on each side of the tiller make it easy to steer whilst standing a couple of feet from the tiller, so you can look down the deck and check the sail trim or get a better view ahead.

Ask Us About the Ship

All of us at Classic Sailing Office watched her being built, and helped with the launch event. Adam and Debbie sailed on her maiden charter voyage and Adam joined Marcus and Freya as crew on the first Trans Atlantic Crossing from Cape Verde to Barbados. Becky has sailed as crew on a cargo voyage.

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