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Hands On Sailing

Hands on Sailing

On a Classic Sailing voyage you become the crew on brigs, brigantines, barques, schooners, pilot cutters, trading ships, luggers, privateers, sailing trawlers and even rowing boats.

Hauling downhaul on Eve of St Mawes'Hands On' sailing is at the core of all our sailing holidays. Every one can join in and is encouraged to do so within the limits of your ability. You won’t be asked to do anything you have not been trained to do and training always begins right at the start of the voyage.

Go aloft if you can. It is a voluntary activity but it is the essence of being on a tall ship.

Traditionally rigged vessels use only blocks and tackles and human power to set sail, and all the boats we promote are classed as 'sail training' ships, so you will definitely get 'hands on sailing' when you sign on as crew.

The professional crew will train you and help you set sails, steer the ship, keep watch and even help with the navigation. They are highly skilled at bringing out your natural talents and creating a happy crew out of a bunch of strangers.


Sailing for All - No Experience Needed

Classic Sailing have never aimed our activity holidays exclusively at sailors. We have introduced thousands of people to sailing and travel under sail. If you are already hooked or an experienced sailor there are plenty of challenging voyages too

Read more about the different ways you can learn to sail with Classic Sailing and why no experience is needed for any of the vessels we promote.

Anyone Can Sail

We are constantly trying to find ways to make sailing less elitist, and also with a big fleet to chose from we can find the right level of participation and challenge for you. Some vessels or voyages are more physical or challenging than others, but it is teamwork, so a determined novice would not feel out of place on 99% of our voyages.

In terms of specialist provision - on Eve of St Mawes we have run holidays with Charity Dementia Adventure to allow both carers and those suffering from Dementia who were once keen sailors to sail together and re-connect with nature and the sea. Two of the tall ships we work with - Lord Nelson and Tenacious - are purpose built to allow disabled and able bodied crew to sail as equals.

"Absolutely brilliant sailing, have been on a complete "high" ever since, which couldn’t be removed even when sitting on the underground and walking under grey London skies" Anna P.

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