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Hildur - Accommodation

Hildur Accommodation

cabin berth on HildurYour accommodation is in traditional style but newly built bunks with a reading light. Linen, warm bedding, blankets and a set of towels is provided so no need to bring a sleeping bag.

Berth layout includes a 4 bunk cabin, 3 bunk cabin, 2 bunk cabin, 2 bunks with curtains in an open plan area in the galley/ saloon and two extra berths off the main saloon.  The majority of customers with Classic Sailing come as individual travellers, and skippers will alway try and allocate bunks in a fair way to maximise privacy for men and women.  Sailing by its nature is communal and working and living together is part of the experience.

There is a simple but hot shower onboard Hildur, which is available most of the times. But please understand on Greenland Expeditions water supply can be limited, therefore we will kindly ask you to adapt.

Please understand, the space onboard is limited, also for luggage storage (please do not bring hard cover luggage). You will receive an info sheet indicating your bunk once your reservation has been confirmed and booked.

Food & Drink on Board

Our fullboard service includes breakfast, lunch and dinner. We have put a lot of care in planning supplies and your meals. Occasionally we also serve a light snack during the day, and snacks are also available upon request. Soft drinks and water are available at any time and alcoholic beverage/liquor is for sale onboard at a reasonable price. After you confirm your booking, a Medical Information sheet will be sent to you, gathering information on your health and/or allergies for various foods.

Acessibility onboard and agility needed ?

Please be aware, the staircases to living quarters have steep stairs but with good railing and parts of the ship have a low ceiling so mind your head. You should also be aware, that transfer between land and schooner Hildur is operated by zodiac rubber dinghy (there are no harbours in the whole of Scoresbysund area), so no gangway.  You can join in the sailing, rope handling, steering and help with chores or maintenence but it is not compulsory. Part of the expedition is walking ashore in rugged terrain with a guide.  This is a remote area so please talk to us if you have any medical or fitness concerns.

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