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Historic Ships Register

Bessie Ellen reveals her elegant lines.


National Historic Ships Register UK

We are delighted to have five vessels on the National Historic Ships Register as part of the Classic Sailing Fleet.

The National Historic Ships is funded by the government but an independent organisation which gives objective advice to anyone with an interest of effect on historic vessels in the UK. They have a tiny budget to help support a real crucial part of our heritage.

They have a broad remit that includes the survival of the fleet, approx.1000 vessels, but also many other aspects such as the infrastructure that these vessels require, the economic benefits they can bring to the UK the skills required for maintenance and other aspects.


Classic Sailings National Historic Ships are

Two Masted Ketch Bessie Ellen

Vessel Details Historic wooden sailing ship know as a West Country Trading Ketch, Bessie Ellen has worked hard for a living for over 100 years. She has a worldwide sailing licence for charter holidays or sail training and a modern licence to carry cargoes. Her voyage specialistes with classic Sailing are winter sunshine sailing, mountain walking and whale & dolphin watching in Canaries & Azores. Summer voyages in Cornwall and  voyages on the West Coast of Scotland.

 Bessie Ellen Voyage dates & prices

Two Masted Ketch Irene of Bridgewater

Vessel details. Historic wooden sailing ship and West Country Trader that once carried cargoes around our coasts. Irene is a very similar size to Bessie Ellen and is planning to do more voyages in company with her historic sister ship.  Classic Sailing is proud to promote both ships. Irene has carried cargoes as far afield as Brazil in recent years, but is currently focusing on adventure sailing holidays for all ages.  Her sailing ground is typically West Country to Ireland and Scotland.

Irene - Voyage dates and prices

Golden Vanity Gaff Cutter

Vessel details Historic 1908 gaff cutter Vanity offers RYA Competent Crew and Day Skipper courses from South Devon so you have a choice of two classic boats with bowsprits (Eve in Cornwall) for RYA sailing qualifications. She also runs Adventure voyages for Duke of Edinburgh Award Residential for 16-25 years.

Golden Vanity all voyages, dates & prices

RYA Course dates on Vanity


Brixham Sailing Trawler Leader

Vessel details. 1892 original sailing trawler Leader is on the UK historic ships register. Sail on this incredibly powerful vessel and sense the history.  Explore Northern Ireland or Scotland from Oban in summer as well as favourite haunts in Brittany & West Country. Brixham Heritage Race and the Isles of Scillies.

Leader Voyages - dates & prices


Brixham Sailing Trawler Provident

Vessel details. This much loved historic wooden gaff ketch will be offering West Country and Brittany voyages and 10 day adventures from Brixham, Brixham Trawler Race.

Provident voyages - dates & prices


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