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Gift Voucher Terms and Conditions

  1. Classic Sailing Vouchers are valid for three years from date of purchase.
  2. No need to select a particular voyage on purchase of the Gift Voucher.
  3. The person you are buying for needs to be in normal health, if in doubt please give us a ring on 01872 580022. 
  4. Minimum age is 18 for gift vouchers.
  5. Maximum age depends on fitness and type of voyage, for over 65’s please give us a ring on 01872 580022.
  6. Additional payments can be made to meet exact voyage prices.
  7. No cash refunds.
  8. The value of any gift voucher can be used towards any voyage on any vessel promoted by Classic Sailing.
  9. There are booking fees of £20.00 or €30 Euro booking fee dependent on the currency price of the voyage.
  10. See our Voyage Terms and Conditions. 
  11. There are no hidden charges for the use of credit cards.
  12. All voyages are subject to availability.

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