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Anyone can sail with Classic Sailing - Beaufort Scale Conversion Sheet

Beaufort Wind Scale in Miles per hour (Mph), knots and Kilometers per hour (Km/h)

Beaufort Scale Force

Wind in MPH Wind  in Knots Wind  in Km/h Description - Wave Heights—Visible Condition

Force 0

0-1 0-1 0-1

Calm;  Ht 0.0m ~

At sea no waves - glassy like appearance of sea.

On land smoke rises vertically.

Force 1 1-4 1-3 2-6

Light Airs Ht 0m ~

At Sea wind makes glassy ripples on water.

On land direction of wind shown by smoke but not by wind vanes

Force 2 4-7 4-6 7-11

Light breeze Ht 0.1m ~

At Sea smooth wavelets

On land wind felt on face; leaves rustle; ordinary wind vane moved by wind 

Force 3 8-12 7-10 13-19

Gentle breeze Ht 0.4m Slight ~  

At sea slight waves no white horses.

On land eaves and small twigs in constant motion; wind extends light flag.

Force 4 13-18 11-16 20-30

Moderate breeze Ht 1m - Slight to moderate ~ 

At Sea waves described as with occasional white horses.

On land raises dust and loose paper; small branches are moved 

Force 5 19-24 17-21 31-39

Fresh breeze Ht 2m Moderate ~

At sea  consistent white horses.

On land small trees in leaf begin to sway; crested wavelets form on lakes.

Force 6 25-31 22-17 40-50

Strong breeze Ht 3m Rough

At Sea large waves start to form, more extensive white foam crests, some blown spray.

On land large branches in motion; telephone wires whistle; umbrellas unsafe

Force 7 32-38 28-33 51-61

Moderate (near) gale Ht 4m Rough to very rough.

At Sea waves begin to heap up and streaks begin to appear down the waves.

On land whole trees in motion; inconvenience in walking against wind 

Force 8 39-46 34-40 62-74

Fresh gale Ht 5.5m Very rough to high

At Sea waves get longer - crests break into spindrift and the streaks become more pronounced.

 On land breaks twigs off trees; generally impedes progress 

Force 9 47-54 41-47 75-88

Strong or severe gale Ht 7m High

At Sea high waves and dense streaks of foam may begin to affect visibility.

On land slight structural damage occurs; chimney pots and slates removed 

Force 10 55-63 48-55 89-102

Whole gale or Storm - Ht 9m Very High

At Sea very high waves with overhanging crests, lots of spray makes the sea almost white, visibility seriously affected.

On land trees uprooted; considerable structural damage occurs 

Force 11 64-72 56-63 103 117

Violent Storm Ht 11m Very High

At Sea exceptionally high waves and a complete coverage of long white foam patches. All crests blown into froth.

On land very  rarely experienced; accompanied by widespread damage.

Force 12 73+ 64+ 118+

Hurricane Ht 14m plus Phenomenal

At sea the air is completely filled with driving spray, visibility extremely difficult.

On land devastation occurs.

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