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Classic Sailing Terms and Conditions

Voyage availability?
Unfortunately we can not guarantee the availability shown on the web. Please call us as above or complete a booking form online. Book Online

Are there any hidden costs?

We do charge a £20 booking fee per person (€30 Euros on euro priced voyages) but only  for your first booking in a 12 month period from voyage confirmation. This helps keep us up to date with your health and safety information. You must let us know if between booking and sailing your health or safety information changes. 

There are no charges for the use of credit cards. Book Online

Staged Payments, if you pay more than three months before the voyage starts you can pay in two or stages or three stages for Europa.

Paying - Acceptable Methods of Payment

When your booking has been approved we will contact you.

We accept payment by MasterCard, Visa Debit or Credit Card, THERE ARE NO CHARGES for the use of any card.

We also accept payment by cheque or by electronic transfer of funds in £ and €. Please ask for our bank details.

Staged Payments, if you pay more than three months before the voyage starts you can pay in two or stages or three stages for Europa if booking more than five months before Europa's voyage starts.

Non £ payments by card

Exchange Rates and tranaction fees. (UK citizens.)

Classic Sailing is not responsible for setting the exchange rate when you book a voyage when priced in Euros or other currencies by card. We charge your card the exact amount required as stated in that currency. The amount deducted in £ by the card processing company is determined by the card agency and not by Classic Sailing.

Your card company/bank may also charge a transaction fee which is determined by your credit card/bank and Classic Sailing has no knowledge of how or if they may applied. Such fees are paid to your bank and not to Classic Sailing.

Are all meals included in the price?

Yes the food is included in the price, however on some voyages you may wish to eat ashore to enjoy the local food or as part of a guided tour. When eating ashore you will have to pay for your own food.

Travel Insurance is a Condition of Booking with Classic Sailing
It is a condition of your booking with Classic Sailing that you obtain adequate travel insurance. If you have made alternative arrangements it is very important that you ensure that all policies cover sailing, see caution and compare to what is offered below.
We are pleased to advise that Topsail Insurance Ltd offer Tall Ships Travel Insurance Policies with security provided by Canopius Underwriting Limited on behalf of Syndicate 4444 at Lloyd’s of London.
Topsail’s policies are tailor-made for tall ship holidays, whether pilot cutter, ketch, lugger or tall ship, and have no restrictions as to how far offshore you can sail including Antarctica*.
Topsail  also provide cover for:
  • Your journey to and from the voyage.
  • Cover for flight delay (in excess of 24hrs) due to volcanic ash or adverse weather conditions.
  • Climbing aloft - if you wish to do so.
  • Airlift from the vessel **
Single trip travel insurance
Topsail Insurance offer a fully comprehensive Single Trip Travel Insurance policy to cover sailing holidays which you can now buy online.
Multi-trip travel insurance
If you are going to be away for a long duration or plan to travel several times over the course of the year you may wish to consider annual multi-trip travel insurance. Topsail offer a fully comprehensive 12 month Annual Multi-trip Travel Insurance to cover both sailing holidays and general holidays, with the Gold and Silver policies offering Winter Sports cover also. You can apply and buy now online.
If you make your own travel insurance arrangements you should check with your insurer whether there are restrictions on Tall Ship sailing holidays, how far offshore you can sail and the availability of airlift for medical treatment.
*Antarctica Voyage travel insurance may carry an additional charge.
**Where the vessels location is known.
Please Note. Unfortunately we are experiencing higher numbers of cancelations due to unforeseen accidents, illness or other causes by our customers prior to their voyage commencing.  The voyages you book with Classic Sailing are the income that keeps our ships going. Cancellation for voyages starting in less than three months cannot be refunded or transferred to a later date.  Terms and Conditions. It is with good reason that we require you to have adequate travel insurance, taken out once you booking has been paid for you will be better prepared for any cancelation you may have to make.

Travel Insurance for non UK citizens

USA Travel Insurance Allen Financial Group

Seven Corners Travel Insurance

World Nomads Travel Insurance



Your accommodation is on board and fully included in the price for all voyages over 1 day long.

Are flights or travel to or from ports included in the price?


But we do have experts for you.

Flight Information from Classic Sailing


Phone: 0800 188 4533 for personal advice

Journeys Are Made @ is a specialist team of travel consultants that understand what adventure travel is all about. Operated by Flight Centre, one of the world's leading travel retailers, they have an  in-depth knowledge of flight routes and tickets, accommodation, travel passes, tours, volunteer placements - the works. Quite simply Journeys Are Made @ is your travel agency; you can ask any question of them and they’ll be sure to steer you in the right direction. Along with all the advice that they can offer; there are a few other reasons to book with them:

Unrivalled product knowledge and expertise.

  • Passionate about travel – they will do everything they can to create your perfect travel experience.
  • They promise to offer you the best airfare solution to suit your needs.
  • 24 hour emergency assistance helpline.
  • Access to 'Travel Butler', a service which offers you support whilst you are travelling by providing:
  • One point of contact – They are your Personal Travel Advisor wherever you may be.
  • Free help and advice on ticket date and reschedule changes (free of charge revalidation of ticket where possible).

As a specialist division of the Flight Centre Group they are part of a $12billion organisation that offers you security and utilises global buying power to save you money.


Phone: 0800 188 4533 for personal advice.

Classic Sailing Flight Centre

Do I have to have any previous sailing experience?

No, but on some RYA Courses previous experience is required, see RYA Courses .

On longer voyages it would be sensible to know you enjoy being at sea.

Will I be odd on my own?

No, the majority of people are solo travellers.

What privacy is there?

It would be uneconomic to provide single cabins so most accommodation is a shared open space or 2 berth or 4 berth cabins. Think of it as changing on a beach. There is privacy in the toilet and shower facilities of course. The larger vessels tend to have shared cabins. and on some vessels the bunks have curtains.

Local Accommodation details.

Due to the high number of ports we use it is not possible to provide detailed information on many of them. Trip Advisor and Official Tourist websites can pprovide far better information than we can ever hope to provide.

During the voyage all accommodation and food is on board.

How do I get to the ports to join and leave?

We try to provide helpful tips on how to get to and return from your voyage. See your voyage page for futher information.

Our prices do not include travel to and from joining and leaving ports.

Locating your Ship in Port

We try to give you as precise details as possible of where to find your ship. The are two things that can affect this. 

1 Port Authorities may not decide where the tall ships berth until near the time of the ships arrival.

2 Adverse weather conditions can affect all vessels and they may have to start from an un-expected location.

Please take a mobile phone with you - we provide you with the ships contact details with your final information pack.

If this is not possible asking at the Harbour Office will often provide the answer for you.

Will I be involved in the sailing? I do not want a cruise.

Yes, all our voyages are hands on traditional sailing. We encourage you to get involved in as many aspects of sailing as practical. Everyone is classed as a "Trainee Voyage Crew" which for our purposes is the practical training for sailing traditional vessels.

Do I need to bring my own waterproofs?

You need to take your own waterproofs on Tall Ship Bark Europa and on Tall Ship Oosterschelde. You can hire them for Golden Vanity, Leader and Provident.

Are sailing boots provided?

No, other peoples wellies are not pleasant. However you could use cleaned ordinary gardening wellies or a pair of waterproof - boots.

Should I buy my own sailing gear for a first voyage?

Not really. When you have had some sailing experience take some advice to obtain something suitable for you.

Will I be seasick?

You have a 1 in 12 chance of being seasick. Generally shorter 3 and 4 day voyages are designed to sail in comparatively sheltered waters without overnight sailing. The skipper will be keeping an eye on how you feel and adapt the voyage to avoid seasickness as much as possible if it is a problem. For a first voyage always choose a 3 or 4 day voyage.

Are special diets catered for?

Yes, all our vessels are glad to help you with your dietary requirements. Please make sure you complete the section on diet on the Booking Application Form.

Can people with disability sail with Classic Sailing?

Yes we have two two tall ships designed to take people with disability on active sailing voyages. Please see Tenacious and Lord Neslon

If I have a medical condition will it be a problem?

Please telephone us for advice, take alook at the questions on the booking form for your vessel so that you can see the sort of questions we will need to ask. Please note any medical information given is totally confidential.

Do I need to be very active?

No, a normal level of fitness will be adequate; you need for emergency circumstances to be able to climb a 6ft (2meter) vertical ladder unassisted.

Do I have to go aloft?

No, going aloft is always a voluntary option. On a tall ship you will be given the opportunity to go aloft in port as part of the training programme. Our advice is to go aloft if you possibly can, it is the essence of Tall Ship sailing, you will always be in a safety harness and under close supervision. Going out on the bowsprit is more popular than going aloft and you get an amazing view of the ship powering through the sea.

If I don't go aloft what will I do?

There is plenty of work on deck and you may be able to go out on the bow sprit. This again would be with a safety harness and under supervision.

Can I charge my phone or digital camera?

On small vessels you may need a car lighter attachment; the larger vessels mostly have 240 volts square pin UK or European sockets, ask for vessel specific details.

Passports and Visas.

It is always the travellers’ responsibility to have the correct passport, visa or vaciantion requirements for their travel.

I can't find what I need to know here?

Call a Skipper on 01872 58 00 22 or 0044 1872 580 022 from outside the UK, and we will be glad to answer your questions or email a skipper.


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