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Green Tourism Award


Green Tourism Award for Classic Sailing

Photo of first award in 2008 
Silver Award in 2010

The Green Tourism Award has been given to Classic Sailing. Sailing on a Tall Ship or Traditional Vessel probably leaves the least carbon foot print of any form of transport.
Classic Sailing has had an Eco Policy since 1999 and we are proud of our Green Tourism Award (Bronze 2006) for our shore based facilities making sure that not just the sailing is environmentally friendly but every thing we do.


Eco-friendly sailing

Sailing quietly into a bay you appreciate the sights and sounds of nature around you far more than you would on an enclosed vessel where all you can hear is the drone of engines and air-conditioning. Being outdoors these days is never a problem as today's sailing kit will keep you warm and dry.

Closer to nature

People go to zoos to look at wild animals in captivity but now we also become the captives locked in boxes that travel through the zoo. But by sailing you are part of nature, you are the team that harnesses the wind by working the sails. Nature often rewards you by coming to you on equal terms. Realising that you can make eye contact with a whale is out of this world. Yes you could do this on a trip to Antarctica but you can also experience this in the waters of Western Scotland.

Adventure Choices for all levels of experience.

There is no need for sailing experience and with weekend to three month voyages in the British Isles, Scandinavia, Mediterranean, Atlantic Crossings, Antarctica and Spitsbergen Classic Sailing gives you have a huge choice of sailing adventures.


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