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Youth Sponsorship and Fund Raising for Tall Ship sailing


Sponsoring and Fundraising
Classic Sailing is unable to take on this task for you, but we hope the following information is successful for you.
See how you can generate the money for your voyage fee in only a few steps!
Amount to be raised – as much as you can.
Make a plan for the financial balance of your voyage.
Identify possible sponsors and funds within your network.
o USE YOUR OWN NETWORK as much as you can. Think of your dad’s company, your uncle’s/ aunt’s company, or friends of your parents. A personal connection is more likely to commit and may help you look for other sponsors.
o Identify sponsors by checking the websites of organisations and see if they have sponsor programs; try to get the direct phone number of the owner; find the inputs and opportunities to get introduced to the right people within the company. Large companies often have a Marketing, Communications and Sponsorship Department.
o You can write a personal email or letter to your identified sponsors. Take some time to personalize the letter, sponsors appreciate a direct and personal approach from you.
o For possible sponsors think of local companies and organizations with a maritime connection, banks, insurance companies and/or organizations with a strong Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy and interest in helping you to develop; Service clubs; Rotary clubs.
Gifts parents, grandparents, birthday etc.
o Ask your family, relatives and friends to support you. For example, organize a barbeque/ cheese and wine evening and charge £10 each per head for 15 people making £150 ,but remember you may have to pay for the food, perhaps a relative can donate the food. Organize the gathering before and after your voyage at sea, family and friends would love to hear your experiences afterwards. It’s a great opportunity to thank your sponsors.
o Send out at least 10 letters to friends and family asking if they can help you finding a sponsor or want to be a sponsor.
Sponsor yourself
o With your savings or work earnings.
Just 5 little points that are essential to successful fundraising
Set yourself a target – this gives you motivation and focus to reach that goal.
• Letters/ request help in advance.
You are going to have an amazing adventure at sea with other youngsters from all over the world!
Let your enthusiasm rub off on others – whether that be people you are approaching or your friends and family
Get your friends to sail with you,  Together it’s more fun and it make loads more energy.
Make use of who you know – family, friends, friends of friends
Venture out & write to businesses, especially within your own network and in your local area.
Make use of the media – local newspapers, radio, even give the national newspapers/ magazines a try too. If you don’t ask, you don’t get! Local media tents to publish for youngsters!
Try organisations who get involved with individuals’ projects and tend to donate money – Rotary Clubs, Round Table; Lions; Sailing/ sports clubs; youth, community and religious groups.
Contact your local library – they often hold a book of local organisations who are willing to help with sponsorship.
• You may be faced with problems, so don’t give up at the first hurdle – be prepared to overcome them and carry on.
Ask for what you want
Aim higher – this way it allows for any downfalls, yet you could end up with a little more too.
Unfortunately, we rarely get something for nothing, so offer publicity and PR and follow up talks and reports once you have completed your voyage.

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