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Lifetime Goals and Challenges

Life Time Goals and Challenges

The top 10 things to do in your lifetime.

Also known as the “bucket list” by our American friends. Your goal could be simple like, go on a tall ship, a bit more challenging like climb the rigging or more career orientated like to do a yacht sailing course.

"Learning to sail should be on everybody's list of things to do in a lifetime"

Nikki. Competent crew student

Life Time Goals

Over the years time slips by all too quickly and if we are not careful all those ambitions we hold in our hearts get left behind. Act today book a voyage and bring your dreams to life.

Go sailing for the first time.

Yes you can, you don’t need any experience, you don’t need a friend with a boat, you don’t need to buy any fancy clothing or special foot gear, you don not need to set aside a weeks holiday and least of all you do not need to buy a boat.

Try a short break for 3 or four days and you will soon find your sea legs. You won’t feel the odd one out, every body is treated equally and as the saying goes in its very true meaning, “you are all in the same boat”.

Sail on a tall ship

Anyone can sail on a tall ship, from about 12 to 99 and pretty much off all abilities.

The bowsprit challenge

Go out on the bowsprit and sense the power of the wind push you ship through the water. Safety equipment, training and supervision provided, it’s never compulsorily.

Climbing the rigging challenge

Climb up the ladder called ratlines to yards and hounds of a tall ship. Safety equipment, training and supervision provided, it’s never compulsorily.

Sail across an Ocean

This is a long challenge that many people find great pleasure in achieving, again no previous experience is required but it would be sensible to know you like being at sea. Every spring and autumn there are long and short ocean passages. This is the ultimate get away from it all escape.

Take a sailing lesson

Join one of our RYA Competent Crew voyages and get your first certificate in the art of sailing. Many more well charted steps can lead you all the way to sailing as a tall ship Captain.

Sail to remote islands and stunning anchorages.

We go to places hardly any one else can get to, remote islands in the Pacific, Antarctica, Scotland and even uninhabited islands in the Isles of Scilly Cornwall.

Watch Whales, Albatross and polar bears.

On our voyages we are always looking for the wildlife and many voyages head for areas that experts regard as the best sites to spot whales, albatross, polar, bears, seals, walrus, basking sharks, dolphins, porpoise, eagles and more.

Waiting is boring – book now for excitment

Anticipation is good – doing nothing is dull – book now and you’ll soon be out there doing it!

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