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New - New Zealand Voyages and Christmas Prize Quiz

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Classic Sailing wishes you a Happy Christmas and great sailing in 2010

24 T- Shirts to be won - see Quiz below
New Zealnad – New to Classic Sailing tall ship Søren Larsen
Creating a Unique Tall Ship Experience in NZ and Polynesia


For over 7 years Søren Larsen and her crew have developed their voyages and carved their own special niche in tall ship adventure travel. Søren Larsen works from her home base in Auckland New Zealand during the southern hemisphere summer and explores the tropical waters of the South Pacific from March to November. Classic Sailing are very pleased to be introducing one of our favourite ships to a new audience. (Adam has sailed on Søren Larsen.)
If you are planning to visit the Southern Hemisphere, Soren Larsen’s voyages represent a way of experiencing New Zealand, and the Pacific Islands, that should be on every traveller’s wish list. 


Going to New Zealand is wonderful but if you add just a few days sailing to your itiniary you will get to see parts of North Island most people miss. Expereince New Zealand the way the locals enjoy the best; at sea sailing. The New Zealand winter season comprises 4 or 5 day voyages between Auckland and the Bay of Islands. You get to sail in two of the most famous sailing grounds in the world and the fascianting coast and islands in between.


Click here for a full list of Søren Larsen voyages


We are giving away a Plastic Turns Turtle

T-shirt to 24 winners in our Christmas Quiz.

Enter here by 15th January 2010

Photograph to right shows Gordon McM of the USA winner of a previous T-Shirt Competition





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