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Steer full and bye

Steer full and bye

Christmas Sailing in the Canaries

Lush Atlantic Outposts

Forget any preconceptions you may have about the Canary Islands. The voyages start and finish in Santa Cruz, Tenerife which is simple to get to from the airport. Santa Cruz is a vibrant city with a large harbour and many attractions. We leave this city behind and headfor the Western Isles. La Palma, Gomera and El Heirro. You will see the real beauty of the Canaries archipelago and the people that live there. Unlike the Eastern Isles these are fascinating Islands with green verdant vegetation and brilliant walking. 

Winter sunshine, a variety of wind strengths & bright stars
As a winter sailing destination there are many attractions:- the sunshine with typical average temperatures of 70 degrees F (21 degrees C) in January; good prevailing winds; and located on the migration trail for dolphins and whales. There are wind accelerations zones where the wind blasts between the mountainous islands, and quieter areas closer inshore.

Wildlife Watching

Hotspot for dolphins and whales & a hidden gem for mountain walking It is not a clichéd marketing tag – the Canaries really are a hot spot for many species of dolphins and whales, as proved by the number of cetacean research projects based on the islands.

What few people realise is that these volcanic islands have abundant marine wildlife, many protected marine nature reserves and the ocean current sweeping past brings turtles, manta ray and other rare marine life.

Exploration ashore with your shipmates
There is nothing to beat being the main event as you come into a new harbour. Sailing is not only about arriving but also the chance to have a look around ashore. You will have this opportunity and sometimes a group tour can be organised in a minibus. There would need to be an additional charge for this. The permanent crew have ideas on the best things to see ashore, a beach BBQ or meal ashore might be proposed.  
Dolphins and Whales in the Canary Islands on Bessie Ellen Canary Islands Christmas Sunshine Dolphins and Whales 7 days £699
Bessie Ellen Tenerife, Canaries Tenerife, Canaries Tue, 21/12/2010 - 16:00- to
Tue, 28/12/2010 - 09:00


Beyond Christmas  -  Steer full and bye

It’s your trick on the wheel and you have been asked to “Steer full and bye”. Probably one of the best commands you can receive because it is your opportunity to sail the tall ship to the best of your ability. What it means is you must steer close to the wind so that the sails are always full to the maximum effect for speed, not too close to the wind which slows you down, nor too far off the wind as you don’t want to go that way. Your task is to watch the sails and follow any slight changes in the wind direction to keep the ship sailing as fast as possible, it is you in charge of where that ship goes, you become in tune with ship, the wind and the sea. Do that at least once in your life!


Going Fast - Isles of Scilly on Eve of St Mawes

We only have six places left on Eve’s of St Mawes our Pilot Cutter to the Isles of Scilly so give yourself a real present before all the berths are sold. The voyage to the Isles of Scilly can be challenging or totally benign, but it is a route rich in sea mammals - we often see basking sharks, dolphins, and pilot whales, as well as a wealth of ocean seabirds. The thrill of spotting the Isles of Scilly when this fascinating archipelago first appears over the horizon never goes away, however many times you visit. Arriving in the Scillies is greatly cherished because you arrive in style under sail and you get a great sense of achievement. The Scillies is an archipelago of granite islands with white beaches bordered by sub tropical plants and wild heathland on the northern parts of the islands of Tresco, St Martins and Bryher. Eve forms your floating base as you sail from island to island. Exploring ashore and anchoring in different places as much as possible.


Going Fast – The Azores to UK – Ocean Passage

A very popular voyage which will sell out very quickly so please do not miss this chance to book on bessie Ellen The voyage starts in Ponta Delgado in the Azores on Wednesday 6th April and sails back to Plymouth for Saturday 23rd April. 17 days of deep see ocean sailing for only £899.

Getting to the Azores

Good flight connections to the Azores and currently very good prices via the Portuguese National carrier TAP. The Ponta Delgado airport is close to the port.

Flight details are Heathrow to Lisbon TP359 1330 to 1610. Lisbon to Ponta Delgado TP6559 1910 to 2025, all times are local.

1600hrs Wed 6 Apr
0900hrs Sat 23 Apr
Azores to Plymouth
The Great Atlantic Adventure

Winter Sunshine Sailing - Special Offers

Canary Island Adventures and Ocean voyages

Bessei Ellen has some amazing Christmas ann New Year voyages in the Canaries and two Ocean Passage to and from the Canary Islands 

“More fun than I could have ever imagined. Joe, 18”
A fantastic challenge with a helpful, friendly and supportive crew who are full of encouragement and make the impossible seem possible. Robert, 74”
Every one gets a go at helming on our voyages and you all form part of the active crew that sails the ship.
Fair winds
Adam and Debbie


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