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Two New Tall Ships for Classic Sailing

Two New Tall Ships - British Barques

Two new British tall ships have joined the Classic Sailing fleet. This has substantially increased the choices of voyages we NOW have on offer this summer. Tenacious and Lord Nelson are both barques, so they have three masts and square sails on the fore and main mast and look magnificent. Tenacious was built in 2000 and was the largest wooden tall ship built in Britain for over 100 years. Lord Nelson celebrates her 25th birthday this year.


These two ships are particularly welcome to our fleet for several reasons:

1             More ADULT summer tall ship voyages

We can now offer a much greater range of tall ship experiences for ADULTS from ports around Great Britain this summer. Lord Nelson and Tenacious welcome young people but they do not have dedicated youth only programmes during the summer months, so if you are over 25 you have more choice 12 months of the year.

2              Anyone can sail - much more inclusive

The ships are the only two of their kind in the world that have been designed and built to enable people of all abilities to sail side by side on equal terms. They have a buddy system, so if you have a disability you can usually come on your own, safe in the knowledge that you will be paired with an able bodied sailor – which is part of the whole amazing experience.

There is no upper age restriction on any voyage and on SUMMER DAY SAILS you can bring children as young as 12 to participate in sailing the ship. These are both sail training ships so there is a comprehensive training programme on board, so you will learn about square rig and modern seamanship and everyone signs on as working crew.

(Learn more about Lord Nelson & Tenacious - facilities for physically impaired crew; the experience for able bodied crew and more on the crew and style of sailing - Vessels Web Page & Crew Handbook)

3             All Around Britain including Shetland and the East Coast.

A large tall ship on your doorstep ? Lord Nelson is circumnavigating the whole British Isles this summer as part of her 25 th birthday celebrations.  You can  join her in the Shetland Isles as she sails down through the Orkney Isles to crew change ports in Aberdeen, Hartlepool, Whitby, Hull, Ipswich and Canary Wharf in London. Tenacious will be starting voyages in Poole, Weymouth, Cardiff and Dublin this summer.   Southampton is the home port so there are many voyages starting on the South Coast too .

"Offshore on our floating home was like a world away without flying abroad." Rebecca C, Swindon

The beauty of our sailing holidays on our UK based vessels is that once you are on board it is like being abroad. You have an unusual view of the British Isles; heaps of fresh air; if you wish you can mast climb or go out on the bowsprit to test your mettle; thought provoking company; food all paid for; car left behind for a week or more.

4            New Caribbean destinations – Guadeloupe, Antigua, Bahamas and Bermuda

Tenacious and Lord Nelson may be designed to accommodate people with quite severe disabilities but they ar e both ocean going square riggers and they do not compromise on their voyage routes or sense of adventure. Tenacious is going Trans Atlantic from the UK to the Canaries and then across to Guadaloupe in the French Caribbean. She has island hopping voyages from Guadeloupe, Antigua and The Bahamas as well as some great combination voyages with big tropical ocean passages and some island exploration like Antigua via Turks and Caicos to Nassau or Bahamas to Bermuda. 

5         Winter Sun closer to home - Lord Nelson off Trafalgar & Deep Ocean

Lord Nelson has some unusual voyages South in the Autumn.

Exploring the coastlines around Lisbon and Gibraltar, both in the Mediterranean and out of the straits of Gibraltar to Portugal's Algarve and Spain's Atlantic coast around Cape Traflagar, including a Spanish river expedition – all the way inland to Seville.

There are several mini ocean passages between Madeira - Canaries – Azores.


Both Lord Nelson and Tenacious are a very welcome addition to Classic Sailing's Tall Ships

PDF Crew Handbook - everything you need to know about life on board - 12 pages

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