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With a Bone in Her Teeth


With A Bone In Her Teeth


A wonderful expression from the sailing days of old where ships under a full press of canvas would push the seas aside with a great white bow wave on either side. If they were coming straight at you, they would look a bit like an exuberant, happy dog with a “bone in their teeth.”

The sheer sense of power in the wind; the rigging shaking and humming like a live thing; all those tons of ship being propelled through the waves, lifting and falling to create foaming white water down the full length of the ship is even more of a buzz if you are on board.

In contrast lightweight trimaran Groupama broke the fastest sail around the world record last year in 48 days with bows so sharp they sliced through the ocean with a knife like wake that lasted only a moment. Our working boats, historic sailing ships and windjammers can't offer that amazing sensation of skimming accross the seas at 30 knots. Where we can compete for those ecstasy moments is to be aboard on those ‘bone in her teeth’ days where the wind blows strong and our deep, seaworthy hull designs can create one hell of a bow wave. Come and join us on board and we will turn you into an exuberant, happy puppy.................

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