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Morgenster - Brig

Tall Ship Morgenster 

Morgenster is traditionally rigged as a brig, with square sails on her two masts. This 48m sail training vessel is well known in Holland, where she is based, but has taken part in many International Tall Ships Races and is proven as a fast sailor. In the winter she has explored the Cape Verde and Canaries with charter guests.

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Morgenster Sailing Programme

Morgenster Brochure

Winter Sailing Base in the Western Canary Islands

Morgenster is familiar with the sailing in the Canary Islands and has a brilliant knowledge to help you get the best out of the sailing, wildlife and exploring ashore.

The Dutch have this fantastic ability to deliver a really laid back holiday, whilst remaining well organised, safe and with a happy ship's crew. 

Morgenster in the Canaries - voyage descriptions, dates & prices

Baltic Tall Ships Race & Summer Sailing 2017

After the Canaries Morgenster returns for a summer in Europe, taking part in some spectacular events with some great cruising in between. The fleet of tall ships racing to USA and Canada will start from Greenwich in April so Morgenster will be there to see them off.  She sails down the Biscay coast for a very different gathering of traditional vessels in the Morbihan.  

In summer 2017 the International Tall Ships Race on this side of the Atlantic is in the Baltic and there are still plenty of tall ships to go round. Morgenster will be racing against other big square riggers like Cisne Branco from Brazil, Dar Młodzieży or Mir with a chance to explore Sweden,  a Cruise in Company along the Finland coast and more racing to Lithuania and  Poland.  Hanse Sail Rostock is the final nautical party of the year. (adult and youth berths)

Baltic Tall Ships Race on Morgenster - voyage dates and prices

History of the Ship

Morgenster was originally built as a deep sea fishing vessel but was converted to a fine sailing ship in 2008. Her owners Marian and Harry Mutter intended that the rig would be ideal for sail training, fast and elegant. Their design concept was that people would 'stop and stare' when they saw her. We have seen Morgenster sailing and running day sails in Falmouth and she is a worthy addition to our eye catching fleet

The professional crew are often a mix of nationalities and the working language on board is English.

Morgenster Sailing Programme

Life on Morgenster

On board Morgenster—as on all of Classic Sailing holidays—you are not a passenger but part of the guest crew. You will be assigned a watch together with the professional crew to sail, steer and navigate the ship. No sailing experience is necessary. The crew will be happy to explain the functions of all the ropes.

Below decks the two and four cabins are fitted with a washbasin with hot and cold water. Showers and toilets are separate. All cabins have a ventilation system or heating you can control. Bedding and towels are included.

In hot sailing areas like Cape Verde the ever present trade winds keep it a pleasant temperature below decks. She has a large galley and cook and you can buy drinks at the bar. On board euros are accepted but not credit cards.

More on Morgenster's Accommodation

Kit List - What to Bring

Sailing a Brig

Whilst Morgenster is only 2m shorter than Oosterschelde, the rig is very different. She has square sails on two masts and 7 yards with sails to stow aloft.   Climbing up the rigging is easier than on Oosterschelde as the first yards and platforms are not as high, so you can learn to climb a bit higher each day. Going aloft is not compulsory, but the view is great and the ships crew will train you on how to climb and what to do to stow sails or release the gaskets so sails can be set. There is plenty to learn on deck too. To manoeuvre the ship or trim the sails it needs a team a deck level to brace the yards. There are plenty of ropes to learn, or if you just want a holiday, we can show you what to pull to get the ship sailing.  A great place to be is out in the bowsprit netting, but if the ship is sailing fast you might get a bit wet.  There are safety harnesses for going out on bowsprit or aloft.

Equipment & Safety

Morgenster is equipped to sail the world’s seas and holds all the safety certificates required by Dutch Law. As you are part of the guest crew you will be fully trained in emergency procedures. For going ashore Morgenster has a large rubber dinghy with outboard. She carries lifejackets, liferafts, fire detection and extinguishing systems, very extensive medicine cabinet.

Below Decks Accommodation

See our pages on Morgenster's accommodation and a layout drawing of below decks.

Ship Specification:

Type brig
Built 1919 (restored 2008-2010)
Port Den Helder
Length overall 48 metres
Length on deck 39 metres
Draft 2.4 metres
Sail Area 600 sq metres
Cabins 24 guests in 2 and 4 person cabins

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