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Tristan Da Cuhna Stories
7 hours 15 min ago
BARK EUROPA LOGBOOK - 7th April 2015 Tristan Da Cuhna - The Secret Russian Invasion 1961 As you may know the whole population of Tristan da Cunha had to be evacuated in 1961 due to a life threatening volcanic eruption right beside their homes and communal buildings. They left in a great hurry leavin...
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Poldark Country – Cornwall About to be Hot
1 month 1 week ago
Poldark – Cornwall About to be Hot Many of us fell in love with Cornwall after watching the original BBC Poldark Series. The crashing seas, smuggling coves, Cornish harbours and cliffs provide the backdrop for a new Poldark series starting March 2015. If you want your own Poldark experience away fr...
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Classic Sailing Easter Photo Competition 2015
1 month 3 weeks ago
Classic Sailing Easter Photo Competition 2015 At Easter we have three gaff cutters sailing in company - which is a great excuse for a romp around Falmouth Bay, in and out of ports under sail and creating a spectacle along the Cornish Coast. We still have spaces on Eve of St Mawes, Agnes and Eda Fra...
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New Skipper for Eve of St Mawes
2 months 5 days ago
New Skipper Profile - Thom Axon Eve might be the smallest boat in the Classic Sailing fleet, but she is a bit of a temptress. Her ‘pulling power’ meant we had a great selection of skipper applicants – including aspiring mates looking for a first command and some very experienced traditional boat sk...
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Whale watching in the Azores by Tall Ship. Ten spectacular days sailng in these amazing islands.
2 months 6 days ago
Azores• Tall Ship Sailing• Whales• What more could you ask for a sailing holiday! Join us on a tall ship voyage in the Azores, with a great chance of seeing wonderful whales and dolphins!  Our tall ship Tenacious will be embarking on a fantastic 10-day voyage in the Azores on 3rd April. Not only wil...
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6 day voyage for only £175 but you have to be aged 15 to 25.
2 months 1 week ago
The Caledonian Canal on Maybe. If you are 15 to 25 this will only cost you £175 including all your food. Inverness to Oban, through Loch Ness and past the foot of Ben Nevis This short cut through the middle of Scotland takes advantage of a natural rift in the mountain chains and is one of the most s...
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Rhoda Mary
2 months 2 weeks ago
The Rhoda Mary Project for Cornwall and the West Country   Luke Powell, skipper of Agnes, boat builder and author is the driving force behind the Rhoda Mary Project. The idea is to restore and celebrate under sail this historic West Country merchant schooner. We already have Bessie Ellen and Irene w...
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Spring forward and into action
2 months 3 weeks ago
  30 Voyages In April we have over 30 voyages from which to choose, all based in the UK. Yes, that's 30 different voyages on 11 different vessels. The choice is greater than ever, and proves to be a perfect way to start your summer. Getting away for a weekend, perhaps out of your comfort zone, and...
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Sunny Cornwall - right now.
2 months 3 weeks ago
Click above for full picture Sunny Cornwall It’s Sunny Now Bring on the sun, Bring on the sailing, Bring on the smile. Sunny sailing on Eda Frandsen, Agnes  Eve at the Start of April. Three days Three cutters together Three other things I can’t remember. Porthkerris near Port...
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Last Minute - Save £745 on a Caribbean Adventure
2 months 4 weeks ago
Save 50% Sailing a Tall Ship in the Caribbean   Antigua via 2/3 the Caribbean Chain to the Bahamas.   This 2 week voyage gives you  an amazing variety of cultural and nature experiences through a large chunk of the Caribbean Chain from the east in Antigua to the North West in the Bahamas.  Get to se...
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Save £1000 as you cross the Atlantic on Lord Nelson sailing from Bermuda to Southampton.
4 months 1 week ago
SAVE £1000 Was £2495 now only £1495 Atlantic Ocean Crossing - Bermuda to Southampton in England Blue Water Ocean Passage on a Square Rigger - a big mile building voyage. Even on a three masted sailing ship there will be times when Lord Nelson will feel a very small vessel. There will be days when y...
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Wanted - Mate for Bessie Ellen
4 months 3 weeks ago
JOB LISTING: MATEFirst Mate Position Minimum Qualifications Required: Yachtmaster Coastal Commercially endorsed.STCW 95Power Boat Level 2Diesel Engine Maintenance Applicants should hold a recent ENG1 and a CRB certificate. Bessie Ellen has a vacancy for a first mate for the 2015 charter season. The...
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Early Bird Discounts on Tecla
4 months 3 weeks ago
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Tall Ships Race 2015
4 months 4 weeks ago
Tall Ships 2015 Sail training requires participants to confront many demanding challenges, both physical and emotional. It is an activity that inspires self-confidence and the acceptance of personal responsibility.  It promotes an acceptance of others whatever their social or cultural backgrounds,...
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FREE 2015 Tall Ships Calendar to print or download.
7 months 1 week ago
FREE 12 Stunning images help to make this a really beatiful Tall Ships Calendar. It features veesels, places and people. Just Complete this simple form to go to the Free 2015 Tall Ships Calendar.   */ Free 2015 Tall Ships Calendar to Download Name* email* What's your sailing ambition?* I would...
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St Ives Jumbo Day 6th Sept 2014
7 months 2 weeks ago
The sea came to Peter’s Punt A lovely day in St Ives with the launch of the fifth boat for the St Ives Jumbo Association. Until today they had two punts and two jumbos all built by Jonny Nance. As I had never sailed a dipping lugger I thought it would be a great opportunity to join the launch of th...
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Tall Ships Regatta Falmouth 31st August 2014
7 months 2 weeks ago
Tall Ships Regatta Falmouth 31st August 2014 A glorious day watching the Parade of Sail down the Carrick Roads and out into Falmouth Bay. This is a small selection of iPhone photos, more to come. I, Adam, took these whilst on Agnes for the whole day and we were right at the start line as they got un...
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Save in Many Ways
8 months 1 week ago
*/ */ */ Save in Many Ways Amazing Sailing this Autumn The waters are warm, The seas are clear, The crowds have gone away, The sky is intense the weather dramatic. Warm water lingers long in Cornwall, were its mild weather has seen people sunbathing on Christmas Day. The s...
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Hookpod a Great way to Help Save Albatross
8 months 2 weeks ago
Top photo is a Sooty Alabatross, photo by Debbie Purser on South Georgia Hookpods catch fish, not birds. There's no ocean waste and fishermen save money. All the Details on Kickstarter The Hookpod is a new fisheries invention that’s small in size, big in innovation and has huge implications for sa...
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What is best
8 months 3 weeks ago
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