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What Makes a Good Expedition Voyage
6 days 23 hours ago
photo: Draken Viking Ship Expedition from Norway to Greenland 2016 - Maybe an extreme example? What Makes a Good Expedition Voyage (and some of our best Expeditions this Summer) We call some of our voyages ‘expeditions’ but what does Classic Sailing mean by this label? More importantly, is it the ty...
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2016 Classic Sailing Pilot Cutter Review this Weekend- Everyone Welcome.
1 week 59 min ago
2016 Classic Sailing Pilot Cutter Review- Everyone Welcome.  Join your host Classic Sailing for their tenth Pilot Cutter Review this May Bank Holiday, come and watch this spectacular event as a fleet of classic, historical and beautiful wooden boats assemble in Fowey on Friday 27th May, setting sail...
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Read our latest blog post: A Weekend on Bessie Ellen
2 weeks 6 days ago
  Full Bessie Ellen Voyage Schedule  Well, what can I say- one weekend spent on Bessie Ellen was eye opening. Learning the ropes, working as a team and marveling at the craftsmanship which has made this wooden beauty such a pleasure to spend time on, was just a small part of my wonderful weekend. Be...
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£50 Reward
1 month 1 week ago
£50 Reward    Wanted photos like this one. Must contain people of both sexes helming a tall ship with other tall ships in the background on a sunny day. £50 Amazon Gift voucher for the best we can use and £25.00 for any others we wish to use.  You must be able to give us permission to use the...
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Sail in May - Changing Holiday Habits
2 months 3 hours ago
Be Different - Take a Holiday in May Why are we so obsessed with going on holiday at conventional times of year?  If you want sunshine to lift the soul, the tingling thrill of dipping your body in the ocean and an early sailing fix then look at May as a month of surprising possibilities. Landlubbers...
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Learn to Sail the Old Way
2 months 1 week ago
Bits enjoyed most - "getting involved, learning sailing, meeting the other guests and crew, delicious meals, scenery, wonderful anchorages overnight, watching wildlife, climbing mast and bowsprit and steering." Anne S. June 2011 Learn to sail the old way. No need to worry about previous experience o...
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National Book Day - Adam's favourite 'Master and Commander' Patrick O'Brian
2 months 4 weeks ago
National Book Day - Adam's favourite 'Master and Commander' by Patrick O'Brian This is both by favourite book but also the film that has the full tittle of ‘Master and Commander the Far Side of the World’ 2003 starring Russell Crowe. It is the first in a series of over 20 books based on two characte...
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Welcome Becky
2 months 4 weeks ago
Welcome Becky Two weeks ago I moved from the bright city lights and hustle of Brighton, to be Classic Sailings newest and very proud employee. I will be helping to deliver your unique sailing holidays and hoping to keep you all updated on my adventures in a brand new online blog.  My love for sailin...
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Free Guide to Spotting Wildlife at Sea
3 months 2 weeks ago
Spot and Identify Wildlife at Sea FREE Guide for spotting whales dolphins, porpoise, albatross and loads more when at sea. Find out what you have been missing, it's all there. We show you how to spot it for yourself. Sighting Hearing Smelling Pointing sightings out Identifying Recording Reporting Wh...
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24 Day Ocean Passage Whales The Azores Becky Garrity – Wildlife Expert Onboard
3 months 3 weeks ago
24 Day Ocean Passage Whales The Azores Becky Garrity – Wildlife Expert Onboard   Becky Garrity - Wildlife Officer Becky works for Orca Org who put wildlife guides on select voyages. They engage passengers, helping them to spot wildlife from the ship and giving fascinating talks about the wha...
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Melissa William's is Eve's New Skipper
3 months 3 weeks ago
  At Classic Sailing we are thrilled to welcome back Melissa Williams as skipper for our pilot cutter ‘Eve of St Mawes’ in 2016. For the last two years Melissa has been the mate and occasional relief skipper on 56ft cutter Eda Frandsen. With owner/skipper James and cooks like Mhairi and Chloe they m...
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Costa Rica Unique Exploration by Land and Sea
4 months 2 weeks ago
Costa Rica Unique Exploration by Land and Sea Based on Tall Ship Tenacious you can put two voyages together. So what? Well there is a gap of two full days between the voyages while you are in Puerto Caldera. You get two days B&B for FREE So you can explore this fascinating country from the land...
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How to sail for FREE
4 months 3 weeks ago
How to sail for FreeWhat do you want to sail? Dinghies, Yachts, or Tall ShipsDinghies = EasyDinghies are the easiest to sail for free, they can be found near many towns where there is sea, lakes or reservoirs. Look for your local sailing club online and get in touch.In the UK the Royal Yachting Asso...
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Last of the Winter Hot Stuff
5 months 2 weeks ago
Last of the Winter 'Hot Stuff' News Article date 16-12-15 A few months ago we thought our website had the best choice of Winter Voyages Classic Sailing have ever been able to offer with six ships working through Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb and five of them sailing in hot places without icebergs.  Unfortunate...
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Captain's Choice - Legendary Voyages for 2016
5 months 2 weeks ago
The Stuff of Legends - Our Insiders Guide to Epic Voyages 2016  You know a voyage is going to be ‘the stuff legends are made of’ when there are professional sailors and captains from other traditional vessels are clamouring to get aboard for their own holiday.  Here is our insider’s guide to what ma...
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Arctic Sailing Choices - Greenland or Spitsbergen this summer ?
6 months 3 weeks ago
High Arctic Sailing Choices this Summer – Greenland or Spitsbergen ? Classic Sailing now offer quite a range of high latitude sailing on expedition tall ships in both the Northern and Southern Hemisphere. If you are trying to decide between Antarctica or the Arctic then see our next News Article....
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The Old New Way - Cargo Voyages on Grayhound
7 months 2 weeks ago
The Old New Way - Cargo Voyages on Grayhound  Grayhound’s magic synergy. Sometimes a ship, its owners and the voyages they do just come together and it feels right for everyone. Grayhound, Freya, Marcus and cargo carrying is that perfect mix of interests and aspirations coming together to do voyage...
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Antarctica 2016 - 2017
8 months 2 weeks ago
Antarctica 2016 - 2017 Just Announced The Good News Four Awesome Voyages Two chances to go to South Georgia Four Chance to go to Antarctica The Bad News Bookings will be the fastest on record. Take a look at these voyages and book NOW. Four Antarctica Voyages
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The Return of Cargoes Under Sail
8 months 2 weeks ago
The Return of Cargoes Under Sail Sailing Lugger Grayhound has been very busy establishing their credentials as a commercial cargo carrying ship. She is now part of a fleet of sailing ships trading under the ‘Fairtransport’ flag. Meet the Ship and Crew Grayhound will be in Charlestown harbour on the...
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New Voyages in the Canary Islands
9 months 1 week ago
New Voyages in the Canary Islands Now you can choose between Bessie Ellen and Lord Nelson The complete Canary Island Sailing schedule from November to March Lord Nelson has 8 or 9 day voyages and has up to 44 voyage crew on board. Bessie Ellen is offering a Complementary Bottle of wine. Superb food...
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