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Spring voyages in the West Country and Brittany

Short Easter voyages in the West country

So, we have made it over the hump of the winter solstice and the days are getting longer, I am sure of it, but only very slowly.  We are now on the downward slope towards summer and the Cornish and Devonian boats refit are in full swing with many litres of paint, oil and varnish being applied to them and much servicing of part is going on.

While we are soldiering away in front of our computers and they are trying to get their boats ready for the summer, what are we all working towards? We are waiting for that moment when we can take off the winter covers or dig out our waterproofs and get back out on the water for the start of the British summer season.

Having worked many summer seasons in the West Country all the boat crews work tirelessly towards that moment when we get to start doing what we love best…and like yourselves we love sailing our big traditional boats around and enjoying our home waters before we start to venture further away.

The positives of joining for these early trips

One of my personal favourite for sailing at this time of year is that it’s incredibly invigorating to be out on the water without the masses of boats that are usually out in the summer. The anchorages can be deserted and it’s easier to find a berth in port to get to the pub.

Variety is the spice of Life when it comes to English weather but whether balmy sunshine, rain, fog, drizzle, mizzle, snow… there is always somewhere to sail and to explore ashore. If you are really lucky at this time of year the weather can be as good as it is in the middle of the summer.

Some of the early voyages are run over the weekends and therefore allowing you to make the most of your holiday allowances.

You will also see the boat at its very best all sparkly and preened and that goes for the crew as well.

These early trips will also spike your interest and gets the love of sailing pulsing through your veins, maybe again or for the first time. Then when you get home you can feed the urge for more sailing with further longer trips later in the summer, of which we have many to offer.

Longer voyages

For those intrepid adventurers that are looking for a challenge to start the summer off Grayhound will be running her first two cargo trips from her home port of Douarnenez and Plymouth and back again. Go sailing with an aim and objective to help Marcus and Freya and the crew of Grayhound to begin their yearly pilgrimages across the channel to move supplies back and forth across the channel in a ecologically and low emissions way.

Douarnenz to Plymouth- Cross Channel Cargo run - 31st March to 7th April 2018- 7 night- £690

Plymouth to Douarnenez- The "Johnny Run"- 22nd April to 29th April - 7 night- £690

Provident will be leaving Brixham over the Easter weekend to cruise over the channel to Brittany and the Channel Islands. An extended 6-day cruise, a great opportunity to explore the other side of the channel before it gets busy for the summer.

Provident- Discover Britanny and the Channel Islands- 30th March to 6th April- 7 nights- £695

Shorter 3 day voyages

There are several boats that will be starting their summer season with shorter 3 day trips. A great opportunity to escape the realities of life, especially over the Easter weekend. They also make best use of holiday allowances.

Agnes starts her season off from Falmouth cruising around the Carrick roads and the surrounding coast line. A trip up to Fowey, an evening up the Helford River and a night alongside in Malpas at the Heron Inn are all wonderful options.

Agnes early season voyages

Before Eda makes her yearly pilgrimage up to Scotland she stretches her legs for her first two weekend trips around the Carrick roads. It’s always fun to be sailing with friends, such as Asgnes before heading North. James Chloe and Gabe love showing guests on board Eda their home waters.

Eda early season voyages

In Devon, Pilgrim and Leader start their seasons on the Easter bank holiday as well exploring the harbours and coastline around Brixham with three day voyages.  With the protection of start point there are many places to get protection from the prevailing south westerly winds.

Pilgrim's schedule

Leaders Schedule

Irene is starting her season off with a series of day sail with an option of staying onboard overnight in early April. A great first-time experience without the stress of having to find somewhere to stay for the evening. If you want something a little longer than they will also be running one 3 day voyage in order to get that little bit further and explore more of Cornwall.

Irene's schedule

Sign up for early season adventure! You first opportunity to get out on the British based boats this year. Join the crew as they realise their winter work and get the girls back out on the water and start doing what they love best. The water is less crowded, the weather can sometimes be even better than in the middle of summer, the company will always be stimulating and the food will as ever will be exceptional. 

written from the perspective of Melissa whose skippered Agnes and Eve and was mate of Eda Frandsen for two years and sometimes I was the skipper as well. 

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Short Easter voyages in the West Country- Why go sailing in the early part of the season?

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