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Summer Sizzlers 2017 and 2018

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Passage Making from Cornwall to Scotland

Join an epic voyage on board historic Brixham Sailing Trawler Leader as she embarks on her West Coast Adventure.

This is a perfect trip for those who enjoy extended time at sea, who may want to build up their sea miles, or just see a wide-variety of locations in one fantastic voyage.

At the end of May join Leader in the pretty Cornish harbour town of Falmouth before she spends nine days sailing up to the west coast of Scotland. Once round Land’s End there is the chance to visit the Isles of Scilly, north Cornwall, Wales, southern Ireland and south-west Scotland, before finishing in Oban. Leader’s highly-trained, friendly and professional crew are on hand to ensure maximum comfort and enjoyment, with a dedicated on board cook preparing your food to an excellent standard. She is a gaff-rigged former sailing trawler and can carry up to 12 guests.

Great scenery and famous landmarks all the way as you sail out into the Western Approaches and North up the Irish Sea. Leader may visit Northern or Southern Ireland, the Isle of Man, or Wales on route and many quirky little ports and anchorages you may not of heard of, but in their day were bustling fishing ports or coastal trade ports for ships like Leader.  

Leader - LD230517 - 9 Nights Details 
50% Discount! Cornwall to Scotland Milebuilder and Celtic Adventure on Brixham Trawler Leader from Falmouth, Only £495
Per Person | GBP £ 895.00 Offer! GBP £495.00 Available - Book Now  Tue, 23/05/2017 - 13:00
Falmouth, UK Thu, 01/06/2017 - 13:00

Agnes in the Isles of Scilly, back to her historical roots.
Offshore sailing, wildlife & island hopping in an unspoiled archipelago

(Rare opportunity due to cancellation.)
Agnes sailing bow wave

Isles of Scilly on a Pilot Cutter

Leaving Falmouth for a good day sail to the Isles of Scilly to drop anchor in the evening, in a quiet bay, you will be blown away by the beauty of the Isles.

Agnes has great knowledge of these Isles and she will take you to secret bays and inlets not normally visited.

Agnes will safely navigate between the rocks to catch sight of basking seals and the odd puffin, this historic pilot cutter has many friends amongst the local fishermen and so there should be a few fresh mackerel or the odd lobster for the pot thrown your way.

Agnes - AG2017/09 - 6 Nights Details 
Agnes in the Isles of Scilly, back to her historical roots- Offshore sailing, wildlife & island hopping in an unspoilt archipelago 
Per Person | GBP £795.00 Limited places - Book Now  Thu, 01/06/2017 - 11:00
Falmouth, UK Wed, 07/06/2017 - 11:00
Falmouth, UK

Charter Leader in Scotland

Leader playing with sails
Gather 10 to 12 friends and you can charter the whole boat for a private adventure voyage in Scotland.

You decide where you go*

Under £700 per person for the voyage.

Normal price per person is £850

Starting and finishing in Oban

1pm Saturday 17th June to 1pm Friday 23rd June

*As a group you will be able to decide where you go and what you do each day, subject to weather and the skipper's advice.

From Oban there are many wonderful options to explore.

Up the Sound of Mull to Tobermory and beyond into the Inner Hebrides, Rum, Canna, Eigg and Southern Skye.

Head South West for the Small Isles like Jura and Colinsay and so much more.

Stay local and explore Loch Linnie and Southern Mull.

The choice is yours.
For More Information Call 01872 580022
Or email

Mile building and Tall Ship Gathering
SAVE £200

Moosk Milebuilder

Ramsgate is Historic Cinqe Port, one of the five Cross Channel Ports.

Leaving Ramsgate Moosk will make her way through one of the busiest seaways in the World, the Straights of Dover, Eastward along the the Southern part of the North Sea. Possible ports and countries to stop at on the way to Kiel include Ostend in Belguim, Vlissingen and Den Helder in Holland, the Friesian Island group of Holland and Germany, Hamburg etc to Kiel.

The Kiel Canal winds its way to the Baltic and from there are many interesting ports and harbours of Denmark to Halmstadt in South Western Sweden.

6 Adults

Moosk normally sleeps 8 young people but on this voyage we are limiting the numbers to just 6 so that there is a bit more room per person.

Moosk - MK210617 - 12 days Details 
SAVE £200 - Mile building voyage to Hamstadt through the Kiel Canal to the Tall Ships Race Gathering
Per Person | GBP £ 940.00 Offer! GBP £740.00 Available - Book Now  Wed, 21/06/2017 (All day)
Ramsgate Sun, 02/07/2017 (All day)
Halmstad, Sweden

Plan ahead for 2018

Eda Frandsen under Sail
Eda Frandsen ever popular in Scotland
The benefits of Sailing in Scotland
Discovering Scotland by sail has many advantages. Every mile opens a different perspective of land and seascape. Your home travels with you and no need to worry about finding your accommodation.

Explore ashore and sail to remote islands, midge free overnight anchorages in quiet secluded lochs or bays.
The Experts
Eda Frandsen is highly experienced in sailing the amazing waters of Western Scotland. The food is awesome and skipper James will ensure you have a wonderful sailing holiday.

The problem with Eda Frandsen is that because she is so popular her voyages fill extremely quickly.

Plan ahead and book Eda Frandsen NOW for 2018.

All Eda Frandsen voyages in Scotland 2018

2018 Summer in the High Arctic

Blue Clipper

Land of the Midnight Sun

Join Tall Ship Blue Clipper as we explore the variety of Islands in the Arctic. From the stunning Iceland coast, to the small and isolated Jan Mayen Island finishing in the Arctic crown of Norway, Spitsbergen.  This voyage begins on the West Coast of Iceland where the Arctic wilderness offers us some of the most spectacular and unspoilt scenery on earth.  Join us as we sail under the midnight sun, through a landscape that is rich in culture and history, and features spectacular wildlife.

The itinerary below will depend on weather and ice conditions....but that's part of the adventure.  Blue Clipper's skipper Chris Rose has sailed in the Arctic many times and he has been instrumental in planning this summer programme.

Day 1 - 2

Akuereyi, and the West Coast of Iceland

Akureyi is the ideal location to begin this wilderness voyage.  The dramatic, rugged landscape features volcanic craters, caves, lava fields, geothermal waters and hot springs.  Akureyri, the largest town outside of the greater Reykjavik area, is situated in innermost Eyjafjorour Fjord.  it is an old trading station and also an important fishing town and is full of stuff to see and do.  

Day 2 - 5

leaving Iceland we head 600km North to the isolated Jan Mayen Island, the world's most northerly volcanic island. This area between Iceland and Jan Mayen is a great place for Whale watching.  The prime time for whale watching is during the summer moths from April through September, when over 20 species of Cetacea - including the Orca, Minke, Humpback and Blue Whale can be spotted.  You will have the rare opportunity to observe whales in their natural environment alongside white-beaked dolphins, harbour porpoises, seals, basking sharks, and various sea birds - including puffins, gannets, gulls, arctic terns and others.  

Day 5 - 7

Jan Mayen Island

Jan Mayen Island is the most isolated island in the Northern hemisphere.  Jan Mayen lies 600 km North of Iceland and 500 km East of Greenland.  This remote outpost has no permanent settlers, except for the 18 people working at the Norwegian radio and meteorological station.  An expedition to the Jan Mayen Island can be challenging but for those looking for an exciting expedition to an exclusive destination vistied each year by only a handful of tourists this is it!

Day 7 - 16

From Jan Mayen we make the 900 km voyage North to Svalbard.  Hugging the coast of Greenland before crossing the Greenland Sea to Svalbard, there will plenty of opportunities to spot wildlife and awe at the stunning dramatic scenenry of the Greenland coast.  

Day 16 - 21


Svalbard is the Arctic North as you always dreamed it existed.  This wonderous archipelago is a land of dramatic snow-drowned peaks and glaciers, of vast icefields and forbidding icebergs, an elemental place where the seemingly endless Arctic night and the perpetual sunlight of summer carry a deeper kind of magic.  One of Europe's last great wildernesses, this is also the domain of more polar bears than people, a terrain rich in epic legends of polar exploration. The dramatic tundra nature of Svlabard is impressive with the magnificent Isfjord, majestic mountains and impressive wilderness only inhabited by birds, seals, walrus and polar bears.  

Svalbard's main settlement and entry point, Longyearbyen, is merely a taste of what lies beyond and the possibilities for exploring further are many; glacier hikes, and expeditions by snowmobile or led by a team of huskies. There will be plenty of opportunity to discover more about Svalbard and our on board guide will make sure you see the best of the Island. Visiting Svalbard is like crossing some remote frontier of the mind: Svalbard is as close as most mortals can get to the North Pole and still capture its spirit.  


[Svalbard] Blue Clipper - BC300518 - 20 Days Details 
Blue Clipper - Svalbard and Jan Mayen Arctic Expedition - Whales and Wilderness
16-25 year olds pp | GBP £4,500.00 Available - Book Now 
26 years old & over pp | GBP £5,000.00 | Available - Book Now Wed, 30/05/2018 - 14:00
Akureyri, Iceland Wed, 20/06/2018 - 10:00


The Winner for Tecla


Marilyn Heffernan has won the  Sailing Holiday in Iceland worth €1260.

Her flights are booked and she is really excited.

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Summer Sizzlers 2017 and 2018 Passage Making from Cornwall to Scotland Join an epic voyage on board historic Brixham Sailing Trawler Leader as she embarks on her West Coast Adventure. This is a perfect trip for those who enjoy extended time at s

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