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Tips on Cheaper Flights to the Falklands

Falklands as a Stepping Stone to South Georgia

Sailing from the Falklands to the Antarctic breeding ground of South Georgia is one of the most fantastic square rigger routes in the world. If you have been watching Blue Planet and have seen the snow covered mountains, millions of penguins, battling elephant seals on the beaches, then you may have been tempted by the Classic Sailing voyages that go there.

Three masted square rigger Tenacious has a 40 day voyage from the Falklands to Cape Town via an expedition in South Georgia - Approx 12 places left.

Bark Europa offers South Georgia voyages from South America and occasionally from the Falklands, but her current voyages are all fully booked.


Why is it Difficult to Get Cheap Flights to The Falklands?

The nearest land to the Falklands is Argentina, but politically Argentina will not allow flights to the Falklands / Malvinas due to the Falklands War and disputed territory..

The only options are:

1. A direct flight from the UK from RAF base Brize Norton near Oxford (re fuels in ascension) which offers commercial flights to non Falkland residents currently at £1111 single but there are limited flights and places (see below)

2. regular flights from Santiago, Chile to Mount Pleasant Airport on the Falklands (from LANTAM airline Group at a quote today* of £577 single for Sat 04-12-17

(* quote on 4-12-17 from the LANTAM airlines group website

Brize Norton Flights to Falklands - Places update on 13-12-17

21st Feb 2018  - 4 spaces left at £1111 

18th Feb 2018 - 27 seats left at £1111

If you are not using a Brize Norton Flight the crux to getting a good overall price all the way to the Falklands is the long haul flight to Santiago from your country of origin.  If you are in Europe it is frustrating to see cheap prices for Buenos Aries but much higher prices for Santiago. Our tip is to think geographically. Santiago lies to the West of the mighty Andes mountain range, so most flights to Chile come Southwards on this side of the mountains from North America.  Hence the best prices we found for Europe was via Canada. See below.

Dial a Flight Quote London to Falklands for £1317 single*

This is the best quote the Classic Sailing team could find for the Tenacious Falklands - South Georgia - Cape Town voyage beginning on Mon 26 February 2018.

AC859 Air Canada       

Depart London Heathrow (T2)    Thu 22 Feb 1800hrs       

Arrives Toronto Pearson Airport       Thur 22 Feb 20.45hrs

AC92 Air Canada         

Depart Toronto Pearson Airport (T1)  Thu 22 Feb 23.45hrs         

Arrives Santiago Benitez Airport, Chile    Fri 23 Feb 12.05hrs

afternoon/ night in Santiago.

LA895 LATAM flight     

Depart Santiago Benitez Airport  Sat 24 Feb 0715hrs               

Arrives 13.35hrs Mount Pleasant Airport, Falklands 13.35hrs

Total price for all flights £1317 

quote and availablity as of  4-12-17 

If you are interested in this flight combination then this route was prepared for Debbie Purser (as an example) by:

Gregory Major - Travel Manager

at Dial-a-Flight.

His direct line is 01732 592900

or you can ring the normal Dial-a-flight switchboard on 0330 100 2220 for a different route combination.

Classic Sailing is not earning commission on this flight quote. We just looked into it as some customers were struggling to get affordable flight options without long stays in the Falklands before the voyage starts.  Actually we have spent 4 days in East Falklands and it is a facinating extra holiday with walks, wrecks, white beaches, museums, penguins and really cheap car hire and subsidised fuel.



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Cheaper flights to Falklands - Tenacious 40 day Southern Ocean Epic visiting South Georgia

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