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Becky and Adam trying out our new Classic Sailing Smocks - available with different vessel names to suit your favourite.

Classic Sailing International HQ -A Rural Affair

We accidentally downsized in 2008 during the height of the recession from a huge office, classroom and workshop to just one end of the building. Ironically since then we have been expanding rapidly. Our current office in Gerrans near Portscatho is tiny but we manage to squeeze four people into what used to be our workshop. Outside is a perfect bit of rural Cornwall, but when the SE gales blow you can hear the surf on the Roseland coastline and taste the salt in the air. We can nip just outside the door for a coffee and a bit of fresh air and watch the horses cavorting in the wind or the Cornish Black pigs in the orchard.  Telephone conversations about sailing are often drowned out by our landlord's chickens.

Pop in for a Cup of Tea

If you find yourself on the single track road to St Anthony Lighthouse then you really should pop in for a cup of tea.  We can do Italian coffee, builders tea, earl grey, herbal tea, rooibus tea, cows milk or soya milk on a good day. Look out for Parton Vrane (means 'Field of the Crows' in Cornish)  on the left, about 0.75 miles beyond Gerrans Church.  Look for a low timber clad building with 6ft high 'Classic Sailing' painted in white on black workshop doors.

The office normally comprises Adam and Debbie Purser, and Georgia Witchell with Catherine Thomas as part time doing the bookkeeping.  Out of the window about two miles to the east we can watch sailing ships heading along the Cornish Coast past Nare Head and Gull Rock. 

Gergia helming EvelynGeorgia - Our Adventure Travel Consultant

Georgia is the continuity in the office especially when Adam or Debbie or both are at sea. She is a keen sailor and shares in the skipper rota for our Pilot Cutter Eve of St Mawes. Most recently, she sailed on Tenacious from Palma to Barcelona, and thoroughly loved it, but has also had the pleasure of sailing on Bessie Ellen in both the Canary Islands and Scotland, and on Provident in Devon waters. She has travelled widely from the North West Passage in Canada to Nepal and has considerable experience in the travel industry -working for adventure trekking companies like Explore and Steppes Travel. Georgia enjoys researching new destinations and keeping Classic Sailing directors on their toes and will be glad to answer any of your questions. In the winter of 2012/13 she helped sail a gaff cutter from Canaries to Cape Verde and accross the Atlantic. In her spare time Georgia loves running, leads a regular aerobics class in St Mawes and has just started racing Falmouth Working Boat Evelyn.

Photo: Georgia helming 100 year old Falmouth Working Boat Evelyn

Adam & Debbie Purser - Co Founders & Eve Skippers

Far too much has been written about us. The team above are the real workers in the office. If you really must know read co founders or Eve Skippers

Catherine - Another Woman of many Talents

Accounts are always bang up to date thanks to Catherine. It helps that she lives next door and is our landlady. Catherine has also sailed on Eve of St Mawes and Annabel J and her own Martin Heard 28ft gaff cutter. With her husband Chris they charter yachts in places the rest of us have never been too from Thailand to Croatia. She also enjoys racing on Evelyn (a historic Falmouth Working boat built in the 19th century and still racing) and looking after the growing number of farm animals around Parton Vrane. As i write Feb 2014, Catherine and Chris are on Bark Europa, exploring the Antarctic Peninsula.

See a very un-nautical photo below.

In short, I can't think of a nicer bunch to work with.


View from Debbie's Office Window: Catherine feeds the new arrivals - 4 Cornish Black Pigs

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