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Our Wildlife Guides

Mike helps Michelle across a stream in South Georgia, Michelle enjoyed holding Mike's hand!

Guides add a tremendous amount to your sailing holiday.

The guides on Europa have a high reputation for being experts in their field and being able to communicate this knowledge to those on board. They give talks and presentations of a variety of different subjects. Before going ashore there is always a briefing on the location and a seminar/talk  may also have been given on a related subject to the location.

When ashore the guides are responsible for your safety and carry emergency equipment, first aid kits, radios to communicate with the ship and where appropriate either mobile or satellite phones.  They will have detailed knowledge of the area and will make what you see so much more understandable and therefore  very interesting.

It is not possible for us to know all the guides our ships employ but we do know they are all of a high standard and enthusiastic sailors and guides.

Guides we know

Europa in Patagonia, South Georgia and Antarctica

Mike from Alaska, merchant seaman, marine life expert, geologist and always smiling. Tall, too good looking, and expert on the history of Antarctic exploration by tall ship. Ask him about Shackleton and Larsen for  some great stories.

Jordi from Spain has a unique use of the English language, clear, but individual to Jordi. If you see a birs at sea Jordi can tell you what it is and probably, where it has come from and is going to, how it breeds , how long it lives and much more. He has done many highly respected research projects working with Albatross, Humpback whales and Elephant Seals in Patagonia and the Arctic. His specialist subject is giant kelp and how the world depends on it!

Europa’s Antarctica trips always have two guides who work together onboard and ashore.

Oosterschelde in the Cape Verde

Ario has lived and worked on most of the islands in Cape Verde and he always receives a warm welcome where ever he goes. The sights and people he helps you meet make this one of the most enjoyable aspects of sailing on Oosterschelde in the Cape Verde.

Wildlife Sailing Schedules

Aroi assists with a gaot in Soa Anto, Cape Verde

How to spot and identify Wildlife at Sea.

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