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Our Pilot Cutter Punt No. 8


Falmouth Registered Pilot Cutter 'Vincent' - based in St Mawes around 1900. The punt towed



behind is the original 'No. 8'

'Number 8' - Our Pilot Cutter's Tender

On most of our shorter 3 day voyages and our well loved SAIL-WALK-ROW voyages, Eve tows a 15' wooden dinghy called "Number 8."  Built by Famouth Marine College and famous local gig boat builder - Ralph Bird, she is an authentic replica tender of a 1880's St Mawes based pilot cutter Vincent (registration number F8). The lines were taken from the original templates found in Frankie Peters Boatyard in St Mawes. With Number 8 we have many rowing epics with Eve's guest crew, and with 13ft gig boat oars all seven crew can get to the pub stylishly with zero carbon footprint, or row silently up a tidal creek looking for otters, egrets or curlews.


 "Throughly enjoyed the holiday. It was a real escape. I pretend I'm on the boat at home. I haven't slept so well for a long time! " Liz L











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"I have very fond memories of my first sailing trip, I'll be going again. Your postcard is on my wall next to my skiing posters." Sue, Newbury.

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“An amazing experience!  To also sail and live on a piece of history...

Being 'free', being able to see the sun, stars, waves and the moon! Feeling like I was 'at home'. A mesmerizing and...

"I feel privileged to be present on this unique boat on its maiden voyage. Aspects enjoyed most - Sharing in trying...

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