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The Classic Sailing Pilot Cutter Review

This event is organised by ourselves, with a lot of help from local businesses and St Mawes Sailing Club as Race Co-Ordinators, St Mawes Pier & Harbour Company and Fowey Harbour Commissioners, other sponsors as hosts and the pilot cutter owners themselves. Many of the vessels are owned by private owners but Eve of St Mawes and Annabel J are both charter vessels so you can become race crew on either pilot cutter for this event. If you book early enough you can bring a group and charter the whole boat or both. St Austell Brewery are very kind sponsors - with Tribute Beer for crews.

The Pilot Cutter Review will follows a similar format each year, but we are always looking for ways of making it more fun for the crews.

What is a pilot cutter ? a historical explanation

St Mawes Village  Eve of St Mawes and St Anthony Lighthouse by Derek Holman- Home to the Pilot Cutters

2014 Classic Sailing Pilot Cutter Review

Do I need experience ?... and is racing really fun for novices ?

No you do not need experience to race on a charter boat. Yes, it is an adrenalin buzz sailing in close quarters with other powerful pilot cutters, but we aim to keep them intact as we have a whole season to sail. Our skippers spend every week of the year sailing with a different bunch of complete novices or sailors who have never been on a traditional boat before.  We always create time before race events to train you up. Our skipper rarely shout as their livelihood and profesionalism is dependant on being nice to sailing guests and communicating well.  If they do shout in the heat of the moment it is usually because they have made a less than perfect decision and they will be deeply embarassed and likely to apologise as soon as they can !

Sail a pilot cutter at the Pilot Cutter Review - Voyage Description, dates & prices

Photos, Movies & Articles from previous Pilot Cutter Reviews

Georgia's first sail on Eve at the pilot Cutter Review

Report and photos on 2009 Pilot Cutter Review and the crew parties ashore.

Race Results & You Tube video of Pilot Cutter Review 2011

link to do: Recent Classic Boat Magazine Article on 2009 Pilot Cutter Review by Mike Smiley

Yarmouth Pilot Cutter Regatta - Spring each year

There are now so many replica pilot cutters based in the Solent (Annabel J, Polly Agatha, Morwenna, Ameile Rose, Talullah, Charmian) and the almost unbeatable original Le Harve Pilot Cutter Jolie Brise that they have decided to create a new Pilot Cutter Event in late April. Annabel J has a very slippery hull and long waterline so she will be looking for victory again in her home sailing ground. Annabel J's Skipper Phil Cogdell is a great host, but you need to be quick to book this event as AJ is nearly always full for this event on her backdoor.

Annabel J - Yarmouth Pilot Cutter Regatta - Dates, Prices & Descriptions

Three Pilot Cutters - Scottish Gaffers Gathering

When you are sailing an eye catching pilot cutter at 8 knots or more with some of the best mountain scenery in Europe as a dramatic backdrop, the biggest regret is that you cannot take a photo of your boat with a 'bone in her teeth' from another vessel. When the seas are rough, even with a decent dinghy and outboard it would be too risky to leave the mother ship whilst she is still sailing and go on a photographic foray.

What you need is another equally beautiful traditional boat sailing along with you to take photos of, or to swap crews with so you can see your own vessel in action.  This is not just for pilot cutters. The lovely gaff cutter Eda Frandsen usually attends the event too.

On this voyage you can. Join Lizzie May as crew on this 7 day summer sailing expedition and sail with not one but two equally stunning pilot cutters: The mighty and much photographed original pilot cutter Mascotte and Ezra - another Luke Powell pilot cutter sister to Lizzie May. Both are also adventure charter boats with very experienced skippers that Classic Sailing Office know personally. Each brings their own specialisms, favourite secret anchorages and interests to the joint venture. You can meet up or even raft up in anchorages and swap stories of the day.

Sail a gaff cutter at the Scottish Gathering - dates, descriptions and prices


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