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Run Away to Sea

Escape by Sea


Running away to sea has all the romance of a bygone age attached to it, but you can still do it today.

People ran and continue to run away to sea for a variety of reasons but the choice of the sea has good reasons.


Bye Bye Complexity

Sailing isolates you from the complexities of the shore. It provides all your food and accommodation in one place and all those day to day chores and minor decisions fall away from you. You can let some one else decide where you go, how you get there when you eat and when you sleep. High flying executives can make the break; your mobile phone won’t work out at sea and even near land you can pretend it’s out of range. Relax the brain let your arms take the strain.


Welcome to the Sea

The sea is the common enemy, it’s often benign but should never to be underestimated, working together you make the ship go and the ship makes you a team. Tall ships and traditional vessels get a welcome where ever they go. You can’t say that for your average white yacht!


Hello Hands

We don’t call our holidays “hands on traditional sailing” for nothing. Yes it is part of what you do but over and above that the fact that you are using your hands for physical work is rewarding, refreshing and a relaxing activity. It might make you tired but the physical tiredness is what we were all built for and your sleep should be sounder as a consequence.


Hello Sailor

Out on the water sailing is the activity that absorbs your time, you will quickly learn by the act of doing it. Help and experienced hands are always there to assist you and help you find your sea legs. The next time you step ashore you can regard yourself as a true sailor.


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I have recently returned from one of the best holidays of my life aboard Bessie Ellen. Everything was so much better...

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