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Cornish Sail-Walk-Row Voyages


A Cornwall activity holiday with a nautical twist. You can learn to sail a tradional boat and re-discover the art of rowing when we anchor to explore an unspoilt beach or creek. Wherever we land we can reach the famously rugged South West Coast Path which runs around the whole Cornish coast.

Our SAIL WALK ROW voyages in Cornwall are designed with novices and newcomers to sailing in mind and appeal to those who particularly like a holiday with plenty of fresh air, healthy exercise and great food. Prices for 3 days including all sailing tuition, a skipper as a guide ashore, accomodation on board Eve, freshly cooked meals, sailing waterproofs etc are from £375.

Eve's SAIL-WALK-ROW Schedules

Work Up A Healthy Appetite

Views from the South West Coast path

By combining half day sailing on our pilot cutter Eve of St Mawes with a chance to stretch your legs ashore you can experience the best of both worlds, whilst working up a great appetite. In terms of the sailing there is no experience needed and the skipper will break you into a whole new language of sailing terms and show you what ropes you need to pull and why ! It is however a hands-on activity holiday with the skipper being the only staff on board - so the guest crew will fully involved in handling the sails, steering and keeping a lookout, rowing ashore and assisting in the navigating if they want - but we won’t drop you in the deep end without help !

We won’t be yomping miles and we do welcome all ages, but you will need to be reasonable agile e.g. able to get down a short ladder from Eve into a dinghy.

The emphasis is on a holiday afloat, with plenty of activity involved in sailing the boat, combined with the chance to explore ashore along Cornwall or Devon’s rugged and varied coastline. You live onboard Eve - the wind dictates whether we sail East or West, but where ever we go the magnificent SW coast path allows us access to coastal woodlands, wild headlands and historic fishing harbours.

Eve’s skippers know many wildlife haunts, caves and coves, pubs worth walking inland for and spectacular viewpoints. Adam or Debbie love walking and will join you where possible or help you explore for yourselves.

These voyages also typically seek out more unspoilt anchorages where Eve might be the only boat and provide a chance to get away from hectic 21st century life and be more in tune with your surroundings, the natural elements, wildlife and the beautiful coastal landscape of South Cornwall. We have maps and guidebooks on board.


Epics Under Oar

If you can't find the dates you want, then why not try our standard 3 day sailing voyages in Cornwall as we usually tow our rowing tender behNo 8 and wild swimmers off Vault Beach near Gorran Havenind so we can explore ashore. If the winds are perfect for sailing then we may not stop quite so often as a SAIL-WALK-ROW voyage, but we generally like to go on at least one foray ashore somewhere remote and beautiful. (marinas aren't really our thing !)

In 2012 we needed to replace our well used ships tender, so we chose to invest in a 15ft clinker rowing boat instead of the typical inflatable with outboard that most yachts carry. Built by Peter Williams of Bodinnick Boatyard 'Number 8' is an improved replica of our previous tender, which was built from original template moulds found at Freshwater Boatyard, St Mawes.  The original was believed to be a tender for 1890's pilot cutter Vincent, based in St Mawes. Anyway its a great boat to take all 7 crew on adventures and forays ashore. We use 13ft gig boat oars, plus we have a smaller set of oars for young sailors and a sculling oar for poseurs.

Eve of St Mawes 3 Day Schedules


 Sail the South West Coast Path on Eve of St Mawes

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