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Your Own Sailing Adventure

An adventure is where you dare to step outside your comfort zone and do something thrilling and new.  If you have never sailed before, or taken a sailing holiday on your own then just arriving on the dockside to join a boat is a big step into the unknown. Experienced  yacht sailors are often full of nervous chat until they see the size of the sails on a schooner like Oosterschelde, or the myriad of ropes to coil after a tall ship has set full sail.  We all have a lump in our throat as familiar lands disappear and hundreds of miles of rolling ocean stretch before us.  The great thing about embarking on a Classic Sailing adventure is that you are not alone in your excitement, hopes and fears…

Zodiac Safari to see stranded icebergs in AntarcticaHow we have developed our adventure sailing holidays

Classic Sailing was founded in 1996 by Adam and Debbie Purser with the launch of a newly built pilot cutter 'Eve of St Mawes'. Our company ethos was developed initially through the themed holidays we created for 'Eve' in Cornwall. Since then we have extended the concept of 'hands on' adventures to a wide range of traditional craft and tall ships around the world.

The fleet we offer today share the Classic Sailing ethos but each vessel has its own distinctive style of adventure sailing. Each skipper is your expert local guide on the history of his or her vessel, the wildlife you see, and the culture of the communities you meet.

See our VESSELS section for our current fleet.

Adventure Afloat; Explore Ashore

We choose our locations more for their wildlife, natural scenery and idyllic anchorages, than facilities ashore. Our skippers will awake the natural explorer in you. Be the first to row ashore and make footprints in the sand; sail silently under towering Norwegian cliffs; fend off over-friendly penguins ashore or take a zodiac ride between stranded icebergs in Antarctica. There is nothing wrong in hugging an oak tree after a gale at sea, or re-living your childhood on a Cornish beach....We are not complete wilderness purists though. We do find the pub eventually !

See our DESTINATIONS section for more about our favourite sailing grounds

Sailing Adventures Close to Home

Classic Sailing create many mini adventures for in the space of a few days holiday:-Come and dodge the bowsprits of super yachts racing whilst on a photography workshop; Look for a smugglers path through the woods to a village pub in Cornwall; Imitate Ray Mears shelling scallops in Scotland or indulge in a bit of wild swimming in the Channel Isles. Classic Sailing has plenty of short UK breaks in Cornwall, Scotland and South Coast all year and plenty of week long summer expeditions to the wilder parts of the British Isles and France.  The Great British weather provides an element of unpredictability and plenty of physical challenges for a sailing boat crew. 'Swallows and Amazons' for adults, if that is not too uncool.....

Short Breaks, Weekends & Taster Voyages - descriptions, dates & prices


Sailing AdveBora Bora Landfall in the South Pacificnture Holidays for Island Lovers

Classic Sailing has an obsession with unspoilt islands and archipelagos.  Anchoring off a remote beach and going ashore in a dinghy to explore can be just as much an adventure in the Isles of Scilly or Benebecula in Scotland than a palm fringed Caribbean Island.  Are we going to get dumped in the surf ? Will the natives be friendly ? What is over the next hill ? What will I find beachcombing?

Outer Hebrides & Scotland Voyages - descriptions, dates & prices

Cape Verde on a  historic schooner-descriptions, dates & prices

Isles of Scilly Voyages - descriptions, dates & prices


Cultural Adventure Holidays

For the more metropolitan adventurer, you may be alongside in Lisbon, Rio de Janiero or Cape Town, but you always have your ship as a familiar home base to return to.  The local community in any port around the world is often curious about sailors who arrive on ships from a bye gone era.  On the waterfront you are a welcome visitor with an exciting story to tell rather than a tourist.

Across an Ocean - Sailing for Adventure

There are many rites of passage that can lure you out to sea on one of our ocean passages. Classic Sailing look for sailing adventures that will appeal to romantics who want to follow in the footsteps of famous explorers.  You can cross the equator and Neptune will turn you from a Greenhorn into a Shellback. Cross the Pacific or Indian Ocean or sail around Cape Horn are some of our latest big adventure sailing holidays.

Why go Ocean Sailing ?

Thinking about a career break or adult GAP year ?

Ocean Crossings, Round the World Routes or shorter ocean passages - all vessels, dates and prices

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Europa from the t'gallant yard sailing off Argentina

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