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Sailing Courses & Ways to Learn

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Practical and Hands On Sailing - Guaranteed

All our voyages are sailing courses, with training as an integral part of the experience, because 'you are the crew'.  If you want a sailing adventure where you are a needed and valuable member of a team, whatever your age or ability, then chose Classic Sailing.

We believe in ‘learning by doing’, so even if you come purely for a holiday, you will learn new skills effortlessly, as part of the process of going sailing and living at sea.

On our smaller vessels, the skipper may be the only professional on board, so you will learn every aspect of being a sailor, from how to ‘hand, reef and steer’ to identifying navigational features or your role in helping to save lives in an emergency. On our tall ships there are more staff to train you, so you will still get plenty of individual attention.

The entry level course which is ideal for both dinghy sailors moving up to yachts you live on, or total beginners, is RYA Competent Crew Course.

RYA Competent Crew Course Datea and Prices


Richest Variety of 'mini sailing courses' & learning at sea under one roof.

If you are looking for the perfect organisation to grow your sailing skills over a number of years then Classic Sailing offers far more tha10 page brochure on RYA Courses and informal short coursesn a conventional RYA sailing school. Yes we are a RYA recognised training centre but we are passionate about sailing and the sea in the widest sense. The company ethos has always been more than just learning to sail  – appreciating wildlife, conserving maritime heritage, promoting green ways of travelling, and connecting with seafaring communities is a strong part of what we do.

We do offer 6 day RYA sailing courses which follow a nationally recognised syllabus (see below), but if you want something a bit different we have sailing courses, without a formal certificate. They are rich in learning opportunities and range from day sails to round the world epics. If you want to impress your friends with your holiday photos -all our sailing courses are on eye catching classic boats and tall ships. Let us help you fit a voyage to match your free time, learning goals and aspirations.

10 Page Brochure on our RYA Courses, mini courses & other ways to learn

Front Cover of Lonely Planet, Best Weekends Away 2010Lonely Planet – Voted 10 Best Weekend Courses 2010

Our 2-3 day weekend sailing courses on our pilot cutters were voted one of “10 best mini breaks where you can learn a new skill" in Europe by Lonely Planet Magazine. We are constantly adding new themes to our short breaks so you pack as much as you can into a weekend sailing course. Where else could you learn new sailing skills and improve your painting or photography, re-discover the art of rowing or sculling, or test your nerve by working aloft on a tall ship.

Short Breaks and tasters - all vessels

Add more strings to your bow - longer passages

There is a lot more to developing your sailing experience than notching up 2500 miles before you take a Yachtmaster exam.    The gap between RYA Courses at Competent Crew level up to a good pass at day skipper is more than just completing a navigation theory course. Every port you navigate into, every night passage you take charge of the deck, every unfamiliar marina you motor alongside and every crew mix you help to lead will make you a better sailor.  If you have the time then an 8 day mini ocean passage or a 52 day crossing between continents trains you to be self-sufficient and cope with bad weather….and how to pace yourself. 

RYA Courses leading to a certificate

Classic Sailing is a recognised RYA Training Centre . The boating courses we offer are RYA Competent Crew, RYA Day Skipper Practical, RYA Watch Leader (for bigger yachts), and exam preparation with intensive boat handling and navigation practice for RYA Yachtmaster Coastal or RYA Yachtmaster Offshore exams.

These are taught to Royal Yacht Association syllabus and standards by our experienced cruising and Yachtmaster instructors. If you successfully complete a RYA course you will gain a certificate that is recognised all over the world. Sailing Courses UK based rather than the Mediterranean or Caribbean will give you a solid grounding in tidal heights and currents. With those skills the whole world is your oyster – not just the predictable non tidal charter hotspots.

Read more on the advantages of doing RYA course on a classic boat.

Classic Sailing can now offer Long Distance RYA Theory courses. 


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