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Sailing Holidays in the UK

Sailing Holidays in England

Sailing Holidays in the UK

Holiday in style and discover the beauty and unique UK coastline by exploring under sail on a wooden ship packed with history.

From idyllic Cornwall to the sailing hub of Great Britain in the Solent, to tall ships races in Blyth, to the wild and rugged landscape of Scotland and down the Irish Sea to the Isles of Scilly, a sailing holiday in the UK won’t be like any other!

Classic Sailing’s ships sail the length and breadth of the UK and explore the many small islands surrounding the British Isles. All of our voyages are carefully planned to give your sailing holiday a unique perspective of the beautiful UK coastline and many of our boats have been sailing these waters for over a century!

 “Or to put it another way, if you visit a coastal town by car you are a tourist but if you visit by boat you are a mariner and your reception is likely to be different." Chris Beeson

Sailing Holidays in the UK


From sunny Cornwall with its blue seas, picturesque ports and with some of the most protected sailing and cruising grounds in Europe, to the remote archipelago that make up the Isles of Scilly, you won’t be stuck for choice! It wasn’t too long ago that a humpback whale was sighted in Fowey bay and the unpolluted waters often reward sailing vessels with a rare spotting and new sightings, both in the water and in the sky. Cornwall is the home of many traditional sailing vessels and expect to sail in the company of other historic and beautiful sailing boats, you will be creating a picturesque scene on your holiday for onlookers to admire and photograph. 

You can find more on Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly in our Destinations menu and Cornish sailing holidays can be found here.

Along the coast towards South Devon, the beautiful estuaries and Torbay (the English Riviera) will keep every sailor happy. Surrounded by stunning coastline, hidden coves, epic cliff faces and natural coastal wildlife, exploring the rivers and quaint towns under sail will really allow you to experience Devon in its' element. Home to the Brixham Trawlers, Leader and Provident you can literally step back in time and experience a holiday on these historic vessels which carry so much history. 

All of our voyages around Devon can be found here. 

Sailing holidays in the UK

  • The Solent

A few of Classic Sailing’s vessels can be found cruising in the Solent during the summer, a true mecca for UK sailors the Solent refers to the straight that separates the Isle of Wight from mainland England and with some of the best sailing conditions and with lots of destinations all within a few hours sail of each other, there will be lots of choice and ample opportunity to explore this sailors paradise. Across the channel lies the Isle of Wight, also known as “the home of yachting” and Cowes is the most famous sailing centre in the UK. It is home to many marinas, yacht clubs and major sailing events from Cowes Week, Round the Island Race, the Fastnet Race and many more.

We have some voyages in this area and the full list can be found here.

The Tall Ships Race of 2016 makes for some interesting and more unusual stops for Classic Sailing, if you join in one of the legs or for her 30th Anniversary voyage you could see yourself sailing into London and up the Thames on Lord Nelson. Quite the spectacle!

The North Sea Tall Ships Regatta 2016 is taking place in Blyth along the north eastern coast of the UK; the bustling port town has a rich history and a keen sense of its own environmental identity.

Tall Ships Race Schedule and North Sea Tall Ships Regatta. 

Sailing Holidays in the UK


Scotland is home to some of the finest sailing waters in the country, with hundreds of remote anchorages and the opportunity to reach some more secluded bays when exploring the area under sail. Whether you sail along the Caledonian Canal, the Western Isles, Inner Hebrides or Lochs you will be met with miles of unspoilt and rugged coastline, endless sandy beaches, secluded sea lochs, unusual geological landscapes and mountainous backdrops. Combine this with a wealth of bird and marine life and a temperate climate, a traditional sailing holiday is the finest way to take in your surroundings and experience Scotland at its best. 

You can find more on Scotland in our Destinations menu, full voyage lists can be found here. 

Sailing Holidays in the UK

Isle of Man, the Irish Sea and Celtic Adventures

The waters around the surprisingly rugged Isle of Man are rich in marine wildlife, the Gulf Stream and warming seas in June bring plankton to bloom and all the sea life that comes with it. When sailing on calm nights you may see phosphorescence in the bow wave or glowing trails of dolphins. Classic Sailing voyages often frequent the Isle of Man on longer mile building passages when traveling up to Scotland or south to Cornwall. Anglesey is steeped in ancient history and you can sail under huge cliffs near Holyhead with world class climbing routes, or anchor in bays like Porth Wenn with its ruined copper mind. 

  • Ireland

Eastern Ireland is full of potential places to visit and provides a place for the second largest natural harbour in the world, Cork Harbour. The east coast is the most easily accessible side of the island when compared with the wilder west coast which is more exposed. There are many beautiful natural harbours on the east coast of Ireland and many secret anchorages of which are all fantastic to explore under sail. 

Sailing Holidays in the UK

Whatever the weather and whichever voyage you choose, you can be sure you will have a sailing holiday experience akin to no other by sailing around the UK. The varied sailing grounds and historic ports provide a backdrop from which to enjoy traditional sailing at its best.

Full UK voyage description can be found here. 


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