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Whole Boat Charters

Classic Sailing welcomes groups families clubs and corporate sailors.

Most of our customers book as individauls or copules on voyages from our schedules but now you can book whole boats.

Depending on numbers and time of year we ca normally find you a suitable voyage. The thing that really helps is to plan it well in advance. Our published schedules can be adapted to met your group requirements as long as we have no prior bookings for that vessel and time span, hence the help it is to book early. Whole boat charter discounts vary from vessel to vessel, on the time and on the place.

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Extra Vessels - Pilot Cutter Match Racing

If you want more than one vessel we can get together two or three Pilot Cutters in the Solent - these  may include either Jolie Brise or Polly Agatha, both fine Pilot Cutters.

 "We had an amazing holiday sailing across to France on Eve, and then having a few days in St Malo. Our only problem is what can we do next year to match it!" Janet and Mick Cole

Putting a group together. If you are putting together a group of people for a voyage the easier the voyage is the more chance you have of getting people new to sailing to participate. If you are all keen experienced sailors then we can find tougher voyages for you to get the most of some great sailing. Any three day voyages on Agnes, Eda Frandsen, Pilgrim, Provident, Leader, Grayhound, orGolden Vanity are great ways to try out sailing, no experience is required and there is no pressure to perform as part of a course. 


Classic Sailing Whole Boat Charter

All our vessels can be booked for the whole boat or ship. Whole boat charter discounts vary from vessel to vessel, on the time and on the place.

We provide the Captain/Skipper and all required professional crew to ensure you have a safe and enjoyable voyage. We can provide boats in the Solent, Cornwall and Scotland.

Due to bookings already made it is advisable to book well in advance for whole boat charters. Though we may be able to find a suitable vessel at short notice.


Family Voyages

Many families have sailed with Classic Sailing but we do have to be careful to find the right combination of boat and family. On Eve for instance we do need at least four adults to sail the boat.

We do need to know the age and experience of all those sailing to help us find the best vessel for you. Children have to be ten years and over and accompanied by their parent or legal guardian.

Safety is paramount and we will require sufficient adults on board to look after the children and to sail the vessel at the same time.



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