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Sailing Holidays for Singles

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did.” Mark Twain

Amaze yourself.

  • No need to worry about coming on your own
  • No previous sailing experience required.
  • We make it great fun for everyone.
  • From £195 Includes food and accommodation onboard.

It’s simple.

You can come on your own, most people do.

  • You'll love it.

  • You do not need any previous experience.

  • You do not need any special clothing.    

  • All your safety kit, food and accommodation is provided on-board.

  • Beautiful boats you are proud to sail on.

  • Speak to a Skipper 01872 580022


"Two days of heaven. Excellent food, company, good team spirit, safe and fun ship."  Wendy W.


Amaze yourself

It’s true, you can make your tall ship dreams come true. You will be amazed at how quickly you get to grips with sailing and how much fun you have.

" Amazing – I never thought I would enjoy it so much! I’m booking another one!" Sarah Edwards


Celebrate 20 years of  ‘hands on sailing’.

'Hands On' sailing is at the core of all our sailing holidays. Everyone can join in and is encouraged to do so within the limits of your ability.

You won’t be asked to do anything you have not been trained to do and training always begins right at the start of the voyage.

"I feel totally changed by the whole experience, and can't wait to get back sailing again." Sarah S.


Anyone Can Sail

We are constantly trying to find ways to make sailing less elitist, and so with a big fleet to choose from we can find the right level of participation and challenge that’s just right for you.

"By Saturday it was hard to believe some of us had only met on Friday" Mark C


Ropes and sails.

You become the crew that pulls on the ropes to hoist the sails and make sure they are set correctly. You learn what all the sails do and what it means to tack and wear ship.

 "A very big thank you for a most enjoyable and memorable trip, the boat and voyage far exceeded my expectations." - Richard S.


The ships wheel.

The ship’s wheel is there for everyone to have a turn at putting you in control of ship that could weigh hundreds of tons!

"Most of all I enjoyed “learning the ropes” and steering the ship whilst on watch at night." - Esther T


Your Own Sailing Adventure

An adventure is where you dare to step outside your comfort zone and do something thrilling and new. 

The great thing about embarking on a Classic Sailing adventure is that you are not alone in your excitement, hopes and fear. Everyone is in the same boat!

 "Taking the decision to stretch myself outside my comfort zone.. has taken me by surprise - how glad I am I took the risk."  Tracy E.


Sailing is good for you – it’s official!

Official research by the Interdisciplinary Centre for the Environment and Society at the University of East Anglia highlights the benefits of being in a natural environment and sailing is that to perfection.

"Thoroughly enjoyed the holiday. It was a real escape. I pretend I'm on the boat at home. I haven't slept so well for a long time."  -Liz L


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