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Tall Ships Day Sail

Try a day sail on a tall ship!Get a Taste of Salt on a Tall Ship Day Sail.

It’s a fantastic way to see and try out tall ship sailing. You will see all the main activities and have as much chance as possible to join in and have a go yourself. The harder you throw yourself into it the more you will learn and enjoy it. You will be able to help hoist the sails by pulling on ropes. Set the sails when the ship tacks or wears ship. Lots of tips below on how to get the most out of your day.

Salty Sea Dog Talk

Look up all these funny words and expressions in a little booklet sent to you before the voyage, it will help explain what is going on around you. The only thing you will miss is sleeping onboard and working regular watches. Normally the watch system is four hours on and eight hours off.

Steering a Tall Ship Learn to steer a tall ship

In a day it is not normally possible to let everyone have a go at steering the ship, but if you know this is something you would really like to have a go at I suggest the following.

Locate where the ship is being steered from and when you are not doing anything else make you way there and show the people in charge how keen you are to have a go. Ask questions, without interrupting any difficult manoeuvres, and study how the helmsman works, what the commands and responses are. The idea is that when you are given a command you repeat it back to the officer directing you making it clear you have received and understood the command.

At some point you will have completed the task requested and at that point you inform the officer that task is now in operation. It all sounds a bit military but it helps to ensure the safe passage of the ship. Answering all commands loud and clear will give the officer confidence in your ability. It worked for me more than twenty years ago and it will work for you too.


Climbing the Rigging – not compulsory. Climb the rigging if you like.

Going aloft is great fun but not for everyone. If you would like to have a go at this as soon as you get a chance speak to your team leader and ask if it will be possible to climb the rigging. Please bear in mind that the weather and circumstances do not always make this practical.



Deck Work

A tall ship can seem a very confusing place with lots of people doing things in different places all around the ship. There is a pattern to all the activity but it may take more than a day to understand the overall picture. Don’t worry, you will not be expected to know it all, just get stuck into whatever you can and enjoy the fun.


Always ropes lots of ropes to pull on during a tall ship day sail.

A main lunch time meals is provided along with morning and afternoon refreshments. Alcohol is not consumed during a day sail.


Fitness & Age

Day sails on Britsish Brig Stavros S Niarchos are aimed at ages 16-80. Normal health is required and you will be asked to complete a simple booking form, provide suitable travel insurance, we can advise on these points.

Lord Nelson and Tenacious are ships built with special adaptions so people with disabilities can sail alongside able bodied crew as equals. They can take young people from 12 upwards if with an adult.  There is no upper limit and the oldest tall ship day sailor accepted so far is 99.


A day to excite you sense of adventure

After you day of tall ship sailing some of the mysteries of square riggers will have been revealed to you and you can talk about your day onboard with a few salty words of wisdom. But remember the full experience still awaits you, living onboard and sailing for a few days is an easy next step.

Gift Vouchers & Voyages as Presents

Day Sails make great presents. Talk to us, if you are not sure whether to book a specfic day sail or go for a gift voucher.

A Classic Sailing Gift Voucher lasts 3 years and can be used towards any of our voyages and we currently have a fleet of 15 traditional sailing vessels, as well as running RYA courses.

How to buy a gift voucher or book for someone else.

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