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2017 Tall Ship Races and Canada RDV 150 Going Fast

2017 Tall Ship Races and Canada RDV 150

All ages over 18 can join the Canada RDV 2017 and no previous sailing experience is required.

The Rendez-Vous Regatta Summer 2017 

Last Chance as voyages are going fast.

The Big Race Across the Atlantic to Celebrate 150 years of the Canadian Confederation. Classic Sailing have four tall ships planning to take part in some or all of this epic ocean event linking two Continents.

  1. Blue Clipper - Trans Atlantic, Bermuda, USA & Canada
  2. Lord Nelson - Trans Atlantic and Canada Schedule
  3. Europa - USA, Canada & TransAtlantic Race Schedule
  4. Oosterschelde - USA, Canada & Trans Atlantic Race
  5. ALL Rendez Vous 2017 Tall Ship Race Voyages


All Routes of the Rendevous 2017 Lead to Quebec 

The race marks the 150th anniversary of the Canadian Confederation through its founders and founding provinces. It’s an important event for a region where 80% of Canadians have agreed it's important to celebrate 2017.

Tall ships and the City of Quebec worked in association with Le Rendez-Vous Naval de Quebec to gather a huge Tall Ships fleet from across the North Atlantic Ocean, with visits to selected host ports in six countries.

The Regatta started from Royal Greenwich, London in April 2017 with RACE 1 from Torbay to Sines, Portugal before a Trans Atlantic RACE 2 crossing the North Atlantic to Bermuda.

The tall ships fleet will be in Bermuda during the Americas Cup which is a huge added bonus. RACE 3 is to Boston, USA.

Race 4 heads up the East coast to Canada, where the fleet splits into smaller groups visiting a selection of ports on the way to the big party in Quebec. There are over 30 host ports in Canada and the Gulf of St Lawrence so the local communities can really make the smaller groups of vessels welcome in a more intimate setting.

Quebec City will host one hell of a party between 18th and 23rd July 2017.

There is a challenging Trans Atlantic Tall Ships Race back to Europe from Halifax to Le Harve, France in early September 2017. 

As this event spans April to September the voyages are not restricted to young people. 


Tall Ships in the Baltic 2017

There is also a 2017 International Tall Ships Race in the Baltic, which will also pull sailors from all over the world. As a young person this gives you a chance to be part of a famous sailing event in the college holidays and university vacations, meet other under 26yrs crews from Russia to Brazil, and visit countries like Sweden, Finland, Lithuania and Poland on Moosk.  There are also adult race berths on Morgenster.

Classic Sailing Ships you can sail on.

Blue Clipper

Portugal to Quebec and back to Le Havre in 6 Tall Ships Races.

Blue Clipper is the luxury end of an active ‘hands on’ sailing experience. Relatively new for a tall ship being built in 1991 with full en-suite twin cabins below deck.

Climb the mast, take the helm, and learn to navigate using only the sun and the stars. On board Blue Clipper, you get to try your hand at evert aspect of sailing this beautiful tall ship.

Blue Clipper Tall Ships Races Schedule


Bark Europa Racing from Bermuda To Boston, Quebec and Halifax. Class A

Europa Tall Ships Race Voyages

Bark Europa has already raced at a Great Lakes Tall Ships Race and American and Canadian supporters are keen for her to visit them again. She is sailing from Cape Town to Ascension Island in April - May 2017 and then onto the Tall Ships Regatta in Bermuda. Bark Europa will then take part in Race 2 from Bermuda to Boston and to Quebec, Race 3 and down to Halifax Race 4. After the Race to Halifax she will have a maintenance period before heading South for her next Antarctica Season.


Oosterschelde - Class A

Oosterschedle will join the 2017 Tall Ships race in Bermuda having come via the Caribbean and the South Eastern states of America.

Always a competitive ship she will be keen as always to do well in all the 2017 Tall Ships Races. With a crew of only 24 you can be sure of some active sailing.

Oosterschedle Tall Ships 2017 Schedule


Lord Nelson - Class A

Two crossings of the Atlantic make Lord Nelson the choice for Ocean Sailing. 

She will be in Quebec for the Biggest Event of the Rendez-Vous Regatta Summer 2017 and going in Cruise in Company on the way to and from Quebec in the St Lawrence River and its big sister the Gulf of St Lawrence.

Lord Nelson Atlantic and Canadian Schedule

2017 Baltic Tall Ships Race

The Baltic Sea links Scandinavian Countries with Eastern Europe and has a hot continental influenced climate in the long days of summer. This event has race legs and cruises in company where you can anchor off pine covered islands or enjoy the hospitality of historic ports.

Veteran of many tall ships races, 39ft Moosk from UK will be taking part in the whole Baltic Tall Ships Race. With a reputation as a bit of a giant killer, this sleek Edwardian gaff yawl is a fast sailor with a big sail area. Voyages places are only for 15-25 year olds, but there is also a voyage back from the Polish Tall Ships regatta for 12-25 year old crews.

Moosk Baltic all Ship Voyages - descriptions, dates and prices

More details about Moosk - The Vessel

Another fast competitor is tall ship Morgenster who has youth and adult berths on all voyage legs during the Baltic Tall Ships Race.  These are very hands on voyages, but the cruise leg along the coast of Finland is more relaxed with a chance to explore ashore in small ports and anchorages.

Morgenster Tall Ships Regatta Voyages - Racing and cruising legs

Halmstad Tall Ships Regatta  - 30 June to 3rd July 2017

Halmstad is located on the West Coast of Sweden so the RACE 1 from here to Finland has to sail though the narrows at Helsingborg, all the way around the Swedish coast past Gotland and Stockholm, before crossing the Gulf of Bothnia  past the Aland islands to Kotka in Finland.

Kotka Tall Ships Regatta - 13th to 16th July 2017

Kotka, Finland is a city by the sea, located on the estuary of the river Kymijoki.The event will focus on the beautiful island of Kotkansaari in the centre of Kotka, and around the City Port. Cruise in Company to Turku in Finland

Turku Tall Ships Regatta - 20th to 23rd July 2017

Turku, Finland has a thousand-year history. The ships' route through the archipelago is spectacular before being brought right into the middle of Turku on the banks of the River Aura. The second Tall Ships RACE sails south to the Baltic State of Lithuania.

Klaipeda Tall Ships Regatta - 29th July to 1st Aug 2017

In 1990-91 Lithuania re-gained its independance from Russia so the State is like a country reborn. Klaipeda won the Council of Europe Prize 2003 for international cooperation. They are looking forward to opening their sea gates to the Tall Ships fleet for the third time and the grand finale to their city would be unforgettable. RACE 3 is from here to Poland.

Szczecin Tall Ships Regatta & Finale 5-8th August 2017

Szczecin, Poland has a deep commitment to sail training. The forests, nature reserves, lakes and shorelines surrounding the city create a unique environment. 


More Tall Ships taking part are illustrated in the 'Tall Ship Guide'

What are the Tall Ships Race Classes?

Class A

All square – rigged vessels, such as, barque, barquentine, brig, brigantine or ship rigged, and all other vessel more than 40 metres Length Overall (LOA), regardless of rig.

Class B

Traditionally rigged vessels (ie gaff rigged sloops, ketches, yawls and schooners) with an LOA of less than 40 metres and with a waterline length (LWL) of at least 9.14 metres.

Class C

Modern rigged vessels (i.e Bermudan rigged sloops, ketches, yawls and schooners) with an LOA of less than 40 metres and with a waterline length (LWL) of at least 9.14 metres not carrying spinnaker-like sails.

Class D

Modern rigged vessels (i.e Bermudan rigged sloops, ketches, yawls and schooners) with an LOA of less than 40 metres and with a waterline length (LWL) of at least 9.14 metres carrying spinnaker-like sails.

Oosterschelde - topsail schooner

Lord Nelson - barque

Blue Clipper

Moosk is racing in the Baltic Tall Ship Races in 2017 Moosk gaff yawl - photo by tallshipstock

Morgenster racing in the Baltic

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