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Tall Ship Tasters & Winter Sun

Tall Ship Tasters and Winter Sun

The best way to find your sea legs on a tall ship for the first time is to chose a voyage with plenty of short hops between ports. You will still probably get night sailing and a taste of offshore open seas, but there will be plenty of sail handling as you go in and out of port, and a welcome chance to enjoy a drink ashore with your new found friends, or wander ‘lonely as a cloud’ on solid land. It also helps if the sun is warm and you can spend maximum time outdoors in shorts and t shirts, rather than look like Ellen McArthur on a round the world epic trussed up in full Musto waterproofs.

Winter Sun Brochure

Island Hopping, Whales & Dolphins in the Canaries

Every winter season we have a variety of beautiful boats visiting the Canaries for a spot of winter sun. Take a look at the dates and prices: 

Canaries Voyages - dates and prices

The Canaries are easy to get to from regional airports throughout Europe, but sailing between the lesser known islands like La Palma, La Gomera and El Hierro on a eye catching ship turns a well known destination into something quite special.

fish dock kids in Cape VerdeCape Verde - Tropical sun & exciting trade winds

The Cape Verde (Cabo Verde) are a tropical island group are well south of the Canaries on about the same latitude as St Lucia in the Caribbean. They lie off the West African coast of Senegal and slap bang in the North East trade wind belt. Hot sun, a constant strong breeze and a mix of islands - some of which are 100 miles apart and others only half a day distant is about perfect for an island hopping expedition on a tall ship like Oosterschelde.
Topsail schooner Oosterschelde has voyages to Cape Verde from the Canaries and will spend the winter exploring the Cape Verde islands.

Tenacious in the MedSquare Rigger in the Mediterranean this Winter

Escape the summer hoards and explore some of the best spots in the Mediterranean out of the main tourist season. In the winter there is all of the culture to see but a gentler pace of life - meeting the locals as they enjoy a bit of elbow room. Baking sun and afternoon sea breezes are replaced by a gloriously unpredictable mix of sun hot enough for a winter tan one day then wild and windy gales, which are just what a 700 ton tall ship needs for exciting sailing, followed by a morning calm, a quiet coffee ashore and crystal clear blue skies. This is the third year the British square rigger Tenacious has visited the Mediterranean, this year it is en route to and from the Canary Islands where she will spend most of the Winter.  The ship has heating, air conditioning, a bar on board and full catering including her famous barbeques on deck.

Voyages from ports like Palma in Mallorca, Seville in Italy, and Valencia in Spain. 

Tenacious Winter Voyages in the Med - descriptions, dates and prices

 " I was extremely impressed by how well organised the whole voyage was, and running the ship in general. I thought the crew were superb the way they motivated and encouraged everybody to do whatever it took to ensure the ship could continue to sail through the day and night. Thanks again for a great holiday!" - Maryjane Crane



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